5 Wildly Creative Uses of Magnets in Outdoor Gear!

Amy Hatch

We’ve recently noticed a surge of small and startup outdoor brands incorporating magnets into their gear and apparel. From mugs and backpacks to hats and socks, creativity with magnets abounds.

Here at GGG, we’re all about giving shout outs to interesting innovations. Today, we’re charged up to share five wildly creative uses of magnets in outdoor gear!


Liquid Hardware Aurora Mug


It happens seemingly every time ... you take the lid of your coffee mug and fumble around for a place to set it. Never again! Liquid Hardware’s Aurora Mug employs a Magnetic Quick Stick Lid™, meaning the lid sticks right to the side of the bottle. 

In addition to the obvious utility of a magnetic lid, these mugs also get five stars (we’d award six if we could!) for their ability to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold ... all ... day ... long! Seriously! They’re amazing!


Aurora Liquid Hardware Coffee Mug with Magnetic Lid
Aurora Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug by Liquid Hardware



Wilsonpac by Vestpac

Outdoor Gear Made With Magnets - Hydration Pack and Vest

The WilsonPac from Vestpac is something of a cross between a vest and a backpack. Perfect for running, paddling, fishing or day hiking, it’s equipped with a 1.8L hydration bladder and TONS of pockets.

But its coolest feature is the magnetic clip to hold the bladder’s mouthpiece. There is a magnet on the mouthpiece as well as the shoulder strap, so when you are done drinking, the mouthpiece straps right on your shoulder. A truly no fuss alternative to the clunky clip systems that dominate the market!


WilsonPac hydration vest with magnetic holder for mouthpiece
WilsonPac (1.8L Reservoir) by Vestpac



Give’r Wyo-Magnet Trout Hat

Outdoor Gear Made With Magnets - Fishing HatStop ruining your favorite topper by hooking and unhooking flies and lures in your brim and cap.  And, no more missing those split-second opportunities to "catch the big one" as you fumble for a fly.

The Wyo-MAGNET Trout Hat was born in the Give'r laboratory to make your fishing experience better than ever! The patent-pending design utilizes magnets embedded behind a trout patch to hold your lures and flies.

And, you can easily transition to not "looking fishy" when off the river! Just remove the flies and this innovative design can be as secret as your favorite hole.  


Give'r Wyo-Magnet Trout Hat for holding flies and lures
WYO-Magnet Trout Hat by Give'r



Slingfin Honey Badger Backpack

Outdoor Gear Made With Magnets - Commuter Pack

The Sligfin Honey Badger is a unique pack all the way around. Rather than a fabric exterior, it’s made of durable semi-rigid material that conjures up images of Ghost Busters' proton packs. You can get the full scoop on that in our Honey Badger gear review, as today we’re highlighting its magnetic closing mechanism.

The magnet closure makes it easy to open and close the Honey Badger pack with just one hand, even while wearing beefy gloves. No roll tops or cinches, just one magnetic buckle. Want to close the pack carelessly (or carefully)? Drop the top and the magnet does the rest.


Honey Badger Hard Shell Backpack with Magnetic Closure
Honey Badger Pack by SlingFin



SoleMate Sox

Soulmate Sox Magnetic Hiking and Camping Socks

SoleMate Sox hiking and camping socks use patent-pending magnetic technology to keep the pairs together, eliminating lost socks. Additionally, they attach to anything metal, like a tent or hammock, for easy drying and in-camp flair.  

Not only are SoleMate Sox a major problem- solver, they’re also made out of bamboo and knitted in the USA. Benefits of bamboo include: super soft feel, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, breathable and eco-friendly. 


Know of a magnetic outdoor product that we missed? Leave a comment below.


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