Honey Badger Pack by SlingFin


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This pack has been put through the nastiest tests we could think of and from those results, we refined the design until we came up with something that was worthy of the HoneyBadger name. It's been dragged behind trucks, dropped out of planes, floated through whitewater rapids, rappelled down waterfalls, and bushwacked out of canyons.

We've taken it backpacking, rafting, canyoneering, hiking, biking, and we are continuing to explore the mirage of applications it can adapt to. We've yet to discover an adventure, event, or activity that the pack can’t handle.

Materials: Polyethylene, self-reinforced polypropylene, Perlon cord, cable ties
Weight: 1 lbs 13.6 oz
Volume: 25L

Intended Use: This pack was designed to be a waterproof (when the included dry bag is in use), durable and lightweight pack/backpack that could be adaptable to meet its users needs. Whether it's backpacking, canyoneering, climbing, hiking, work, school, biking or day-to-day use, this pack is for perfect for you. It comes with a removable 25 Liter dry bag, a removable lid flip pocket, multiple exterior and interior attachment points, and a removable shoulder straps and waist belt. Its exceptionally modular, and you can customize it to your needs!



  • Waterproof (with included dry bag), Durable, and Lightweight
  • Easily field repairable with common household items
  • Fitted with a high-quality, 25-liter dry bag to ensure your pack contents stay dry, even when submerged
  • Removable shoulder straps and waist belt for use as a haul bag or quick and easy conversion to a bicycle pannier (pannier kit sold separately)
  • Constructed from German-made, self-reinforced woven polypropylene material, and polyethylene material
  • Materials: Polyethylene, self-reinforced woven polypropylene, Perlon cord, cable ties



Dimensions  21 in (height) x 13/11 in (top/bottom width) x 6.75 in (depth) 
0.53 m (height) x 0.33/0.27 m (top/bottom width) x 0.17 m (depth)
Volume 25 Liters
Weight (pack) 1 lbs 13.6 oz / 0.84 kg
Weight (internal bag)  5.1 oz / 144.58 g (dry bag - roll closure)

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