10 Cool & Fun Spring Break Essentials from Small Brands!

Amy Hatch

Whether you're headed to sun-drenched beaches, other-worldly deserts or festive ski slopes, these 10 accessories and clothing items from small and startup outdoor brands will make your adventures that much better. 

Xero Shoes Z-Trail/ Z-Trek Sandals

From beaches to rocky trails, these versatile, lightweight sandals can handle whatever adventures you throw their way.




Art 4 All Hat Trucker Hat

Don one of these bold, colorful truckers featuring the artwork of Abby Paffrath to keep the sun out of your eyes while wearing an outward expression of your inner groove.


Gobi Gear SegSac

Tired of finding your socks in your partner’s shirt sleeve? Keep small clothing items and other accessories organized with these compartmentalized stuff sucks.


Hawbuck Lean Wallet

No matter whether you prefer the comfort of your back pocket or the security of your front pocket, these Dyneema wallets are so thin and lightweight you’ll forget they’re there.

Adventure Balm

Protect your face from wind and sun damage with this natural balm that creates a breathable, noncomedogenic layer and locks in moisture.


Food for the Sole

These tasty, nourishing meals made in Oregon go with you anywhere — think planes, hotel rooms, lunch on the ski slopes and, of course, backcountry adventures.


Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

This is the one skirt to rule them all — comfortable, stylish, rugged, USA made. Once you experience the pockets and yoga-style waistband, you’ll never go back. (Currently available in black and purple.)


Hero Clip

The only thing limiting the possible uses for this portable gadget is your imagination. Hang a light in a van or a purse on a bathroom stall, as two examples.


Give’r Ski Wyoming Beanie

Give life your all and send it big while rockin’ this stylish, non-irritating, cozy, breathable beanie.


Flowfold Stormproof Conductor Duffle

Once you have this water-resistant duffle, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. At 40L it’s the perfect size for schlepping gear to destinations near and far.

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