Ramen Noodles: Beef flavored with Vegetables and Mushrooms by Trailtopia

19 zł


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Rochester, MN | Est. 2013

The best thing about this Ramen is the ability to warm you from the inside out. Made with premium beef-flavored noodles, green beans, corn, mushrooms and our homemade seasoning blend in a savory broth.


Ingredients: Wheat Noodles (Wheat Flour, Salt, Egg Powder, Spices), Yeast Extract, Freeze Dried Corn, Freeze Dried Mushrooms, Freeze Dried Green Beans, Spices

Contains: Wheat, Eggs

  • Serves 1

Single serving: 200 calories, 11g protein, 1g fat, 41g carb.

Weight: 2.4oz (net), 3.0oz (package)



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