Cowboy BBQ Pinto Beans & Rice by Yumbini

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Delicious, healthy, lightly sweet pinto bean and rice meal ready in 6 minutes.

Did you know cowboys in the old west really did eat beans? That’s because beans were readily available and easy to carry. Needless to say, out on the range, beans were prepared different ways, sometimes with chilies added for spice, or molasses for a bit of sweetness. Yumbini's Cowboy BBQ Pinto Beans and Rice are lightly sweetened with dried apples, but no added sugar. Like every good BBQ, they also include tomato and familiar ketchup and mustard type spices. The flavor is similar to traditional slow cooked baked beans.

Kids especially enjoy Yumbini's Cowboy Pinto Beans and Rice because of the slight sweetness and mild spice. The light apple sweetness also blends nicely with bitter greens. Try with sauteed chard, kale, cabbage, collards, or bok choy.

Perfectly combined with tortillas, avocados or chips for a filling meal! (Or consider two when hiker hunger strikes.)


Ingredients: Precooked Dried Pinto Beans, Precooked Enriched Long Grain Rice (Rice, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin, Folic Acid), Sunflower Oil, Dried Apples, Spices, Tomato Powder, Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Citric Acid.

  • Serves 1

Single serving: 380 calories, 8g fat, 480mg sodium, 65g carb, 14g protein

Weight: 3.5oz (net weight)

Made in the USA 

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