Aurora A5 (G4) USB C Keychain Flashlight by RovyVon

152 zł


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Shenzhen, China

RovyVon brought glow-in-the-dark to the mini keychain flashlight field back in early 2018 - the 1st generation of Aurora A5. 4 years passed by and the A5 is now to the 4th generation - the USB-C and metal button generation. 

The 4th generation A5 runs a 330mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery via the USB-C port and can fully charge the battery in 1 hour. The Aurora A5 (G4) pocket clip integrates a magnet that makes the keychain light a hands-free work light. The back end was redesigned as well to be able to buckle up a magnetic tail base, to be more flexible in the workspace. The Aurora A5 has a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation. 


  • White/Red sidelight
  • 330mAh Li-polymer battery
  • Magnetic base allows you to attach to metal surfaces
  • Glow in the dark mode is practical for night time use without ruining your night vision
  • Stainless steel clip allows you to easily attach to hat bills, shirt collars, pack straps quickly



  • Dimensions: 2.38”Long, Diameter: 0.61"

Weight: 0.6oz

Brightness Outputs:

  • 650 Lumens, 6500K Cool White
  • High Mode: 650 lumens | 110m | 1 minute* + 90 minutes
  • Medium Mode: 200 lumens | 63m | 1 minute* + 2 hours
  • Low Mode: 25 lumens | 22m | 8 hours
  • Moonlight Mode: 0.5 lumens | 72 hours

*Will drop down to 80 lumens after 1 minute in Medium and High modes

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