Titanium 800ml Screw Top Clip Bottle by SilverAnt

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Whether you're at the office or the local crag, hydration is key. SilverAnt's lightweight 800ml screw top bottle is a must have.

For daily use a bottle must be durable, versatile and resilient, so  SilverAnt uses titanium's strength and lightness. You feel the difference on your adventures, while the bottle is also suitable for everyday use as a daily companion. The lid has a silicon food grade seal and a handy clip to strap to your rucksack or gear bag with a carabiner.

Drinking from a titanium bottle gives you confidence, as it is a biocompatible material, non-corrosive and non-toxic, therefore you can drink at ease knowing you are not consuming unknown horrible chemicals like BPA’s.

Coming with a snug fitting insulating sleeve for use with hot beverages such as tea or coffee, this slim, aesthetically designed bottle is truly an everyday hydration companion.


  • Grade 1 quality titanium
  • Uncoated and unlined
  • Ultralight titanium construction
  • Perfect weighted feel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Non toxic/non allergenic
  • Cloth draw string carry sleeve
  • Lifetime guarantee



  • Volume: 800ml (28 fl oz)
  • Dimensions: 2.8" Dia x 9.65" H

Weight: 5.9oz

Materials: Grade 1 quality titanium

Product Care: Wash with a non abrasive cloth and warm water with a mild detergent. If you use an abrasive cloth you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. Please do not wash the titanium in a dishwasher, please wash by hand. After washing please dry and store ready for the next adventure.

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