The Cache: Sierra Club, Elephant’s Foot Quilt, Different Color Zpacks Tents and the First Line of Plus-Size Packs!

Lloyd Vogel

It's back! Out now monthly roundup of some of the happenings that are moving and shaking within the outdoor community. This month there was an incredible amount to sift through and it was exceptionally difficult to limit The Cache to just a couple of interesting/important things. That said, we tried our darndest and we hope you learn something new, reflect on something differently, and generally enjoy reading.


Reflections from the Sierra Club on John Muir

The events of the last several months have challenged individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to dig deep into evaluating their current operations as well as the history on which they were founded. While an incredibly influential conservationist (and frequently quoted Instagram presence), the legacy of John Muir is not immune from the conversation surrounding racism, diversity, and inclusion. 

To learn more about the Sierra Club's history as well as their very well articulated acknowledgment and response, click HERE.



The Effect of Covid-19 on the Sale of Outdoor Gear

Over the past several months GGG has experienced an absolute rollercoaster. From an initial rush on portable bidets (back when toilet paper was difficult to get) to the continuing challenge of getting dehydrated meals, we've had brands who can't keep up with the demand as well as brands who can't source the needed raw materials to actually make their products. While the effects of Covid-19 span a broad spectrum, one thing is certain, people are gobbling up TONS of outdoor gear. Quite the phenomenon!

To read more on the epic purchasing of bikes, tents, kayaks, dehydrated meals and more... click HERE!



The First Plus-Size Pack Line

Pack guru Gregory, in collaboration with Jenny Bruso and Unlikely Hiker, have teamed up to design and launch the first line of plus-size packs. Set to launch with 20 packs in the Spring of 2021, click HERE to read more on SNEWS. Exciting!



New Colors for Zpacks Tents?!?

Groundbreaking? Nope. Mildly interesting? Sure! Most Zpacks tents are now available in Blue, Olive Drab, White, Burnt, Spruce Green and Dirt. Check them out by clicking HERE.



The Elephant' Foot Quilt by Gryphon Gear

At just under 9oz for a 45-degree quilt, this ultralight snuggle sack just hit the market. With prices starting at $126 it's worth checking out! Click HERE to view.

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