TWIOGS: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Increases Hip Belt Pocket Size

Amy Hatch

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Hip Belt Pocket Size Increase


Here’s what Hyperlite Mountain Gear says about increasing the size of the pockets on the hip belt of its most popular packs ...

When our design intentions and your reactions line up, that’s the sweet spot. We don’t always nail it on the first try, though – case and point, the dimensions of the original hip belt pockets on our popular 2400, 3400, and 4400 packs. The common theme in the feedback we received was that they were a tad small for some of the items you wanted easy access to throughout your days. We listened, it was all valid, and we’re pleased to announce a change. Introducing the new hip belt pocket size.

The new hip belt pockets are still constructed with Dyneema® Hardline and still employ the YKK #5 zipper. The new dimensions are roughly 55 cubic inches – 7 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, and 3 inches deep (all estimates since the pocket is not rectangular). And, when all is said and done, the new pockets add a mere seven grams to the pack.


These two videos from Hyperlite give you the full scoop ... 




Also, here what two early testers of the new hip belt pockets had to share ...

“They were exactly what we hoped for and more! I rarely used my shoulder pocket and could fit my iPhone 6 Plus and a Sony RX100 V in the pockets, as well as a small mic for my phone.”

- Hyperlite Mountain Gear Content Guy Nick “Click” Reichard


“I hike because I like walking, not because I like digging around in my backpack. The new larger pockets enable me to keep moving, putting all the essentials at my fingertips. I have one pocket for electronics and safety equipment, and the other is for snacks. The new pockets are roomier and more accessible than ever before. The zipper along the middle makes it easy to get to items but also means if I forget to close it again right away – things won’t fall out.”

- Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ambassador Bethany “Fidgit” Hughes 


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