Top New Outdoor Brands of 2023

Lloyd Vogel

Each new year brings with it the founding of lots of new outdoor brands! 2023 was no different. As we head into 2024, check out the top new outdoor brands of 2023. 

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"Committed to crafting delicious blends, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, our coffees are designed to fuel your adventurous lifestyle. Join us in exploring the great outdoors and savor "A Taste of Adventure" with every sip."

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Pilgrim UL

"Dillon Frazier of Pilgrim Ultralight hand cuts and sews ultralight packs in his home in Ogden, Utah. A longtime Garage Grown Gear fan, he started making his own packs because he couldn’t find one that matched his needs. A self-described creative and do-it-yourself kind of person, he set out to make the pack for his specific taste, and in the process came up with the Highline Pack."

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Pillow Strap

"Brian York and Rita Yamin know the importance of getting a good night's sleep, both on the trail and off. So when Brian, an obsessive gear tinkerer, couldn't find a way to get his inflatable backpacking pillow to stay centered on his air pad, he invented one.

After 19 iterations, countless prototypes and plenty of product testing, Pillow Strap officially launched in March 2023 — and has been improving people's sleep quality ever since."

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"Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards got the idea for SheFly during her time as a summer glacier guide in Alaska. While her male co-workers could easily and discreetly unzip their flies to pee, she was forced to trek across dangerous crevasses until she could find the privacy to remove 3-4 layers of clothing in freezing temperatures. This process made her so cold that she chose to cut her water consumption and risk dehydration instead — a common tradeoff for female adventurers.

Tired of wearing clothes that simply weren’t designed for her anatomy, Georgia Grace teamed up with avid outdoor enthusiasts and fellow classmates Bianca Gonzalez and Charlotte Massey to launch SheFly in 2018 out of their college dorm rooms in Vermont."

New? Nope. Rebranded from SheFly... YUP! Check Out Gnara



LEVE Outdoors

"At LEVE Outdoor Co., our mission is to inspire people to live their best lives by exploring the great outdoors. We believe that every outdoor enthusiast deserves access to high-quality, ultralight apparel that allows them to experience the world around them without being weighed down. Our goal is to create a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share our passion for exploration, adventure, and sustainability. Whether you're summiting mountains, traversing trails, or simply enjoying nature, our ultralight apparel is designed to help you achieve your goals and experience the world in a whole new way."

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Alpine Gremlins

"At Alpine Gremlins we are driven by the belief the only limit is creativity. For years we have been developing our own gear, or modifying existing gear, to aid in our adventures. We are constantly looking for new ways to make things lighter and more packable with a focus on simplicity, cohesive functionality, and team success. Founded in 2023, Alpine Gremlins is committed to sharing our creations and continuing to innovate for our own success as well as yours."

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Beaver Tail

"I started Beaver Tail Outdoors in early 2023 with the hopes of bringing new and unique products to the outdoor industry. With the hopes of creating long lasting products that we can stand behind, the goal of Beaver Tail Outdoors is to give back to the communities that support our business. As our company grows, the goal is to dive even deeper down the supply chain to ensure we are sourcing responsibly and that all workers touching our products are paid fair wages and provided good working conditions."

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