Top 11 wildly cool outdoor clothing brands for après

Kelsey Dayton
Cool Outdoor Clothing Brands - Surf Wyoming - Lifestyle


Let’s face it, even when we’re not summiting a peak, or riding that perfect wave, or feeling powder brush past our cheeks, we want to be reminded of those magical moments. Clothing is an extension of who we are, and we are people who love to play outdoors, and reminisce after. We want clothing that fits us, literally and figuratively. It’s with a brew in hand and a grin on our face that we bring you our top 11 wildly cool outdoor clothing brands for après.  


1. Fortitude

Cool outdoor clothing brands - Fortitude lifestyle


Its name and design—a single growing tree—embodies the mission of Fortitude. Started after the death of a close friend, the company is about courage in pain and adversity, strength of mind and character, guts and grit and a lot of heart and bravery mixed in with reverie.  


2. Give'r

Give'r Ski Wyoming tee - Cool Outdoor Clothing Brands


Give’r is a company based on the philosophy of giving it your all, no matter the activity. It’s about living life with passion and purpose and sharing the wonders of life with others. It’s an inclusive brand for anyone who asks “Why not?”


3. Discrete

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, October, 2014 photo:Adam Clark


Discrete is founded on the belief that life is best when we carve our own line. The company launched with a line of beanies that has now expanded into a full suite of lifestyle clothing.  


4. The Landmark Project

The Landmark Project - Cool Outdoor Clothing Brands


Creators of The Landmark Project draw inspiration from their home in Greenville, South Carolina. The nearby Blue Ridge Mountains and beaches offer epic views, old-growth forests and miles of singletrack.


5. Cirque Mountain Apparel

Cirque Mountain apparel - Cool Outdoor Clothing Brands Lifestyle


The backcountry inspires the designs of Cirque Mountain Apparel. The company produces lifestyle clothing geared to the outdoors with an emphasis on aesthetics and comfort.  


6. Surf Wyoming

Cool Outdoor Clothing Brands - Surf Wyoming - Lifestyle 1


Surf Wyoming might have taken its name as a nod to surfing the Snake River, but today the term embodies so much more. The company uses it as a verb for any activity you're passionate about.


7. Cedarpass Creative

USA Made T-Shirts - Cedarpass Creative - Garage Grown Gear(2)


Inspired by the outdoors, Cedarpass Creative designs unique and high-quality clothing designed to last. Like its name, the clothing is creative, it's also all made in the U.S.


8. Wear Your Roots

Cool outdoor clothing brands - Wear Your Roots - lifestyle


Two Montana men who loved their state started Wear Your Roots. The company now has designs for all 50 states so you can show your pride for wherever you call home.  

9. Old Guys Rule

old guys rule - cool outdoor clothing brands 2


There isn’t an age cap when it comes to outdoor passion and pursuits and Old Guys Rule celebrates those who keep getting after it, no matter their age. The shirts are meant to “be worn as a badge of honor for a life well spent, but not nearly over.”  

10. Aion

Cool outdoor clothing brands - Aion


Headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming with designers in San Francisco, San Diego, Australia and Bali, Aion is a lifestyle brand focusing on adventure and nature.  

11. Topo Designs

Cool outdoor clothing brands - Topo Designs - lifestyle


Topo Designs creates clothing that melds into the natural environment. Their designs represent the quietness and calm you’ll find on the trail.

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Joie Gahum

Joie Gahum

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Thanks for the note Jett. Ya, we’re big fans of these companies. Just wore my Surf Wyoming shirt over the weekend.



Jett Murdock

Jett Murdock

Love these! I’m always on the lookout for some great new lifestyle brands! I really like Ski Wyoming,

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