Review: Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes

Justine Diaz

Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes Review 

Summer is approaching, even though I hear rumors of snow flurries in Michigan. What better feeling of summer than letting your feet breathe after being in hibernation for the winter months?

At the first sign of summer, I prefer to walk around barefoot and give my feet a break from the cushioning of most shoes worn these days, and sometimes I just need to feel like I’m walking around barefoot outside without worrying about succumbing to injury.

That’s where the Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes shines. I discovered these sport sandals on GGG a year ago and ordered a pair.

After testing them on the fjords of Norway, the streets of southern France and the beaches in Florida, I’ve found the Z-Treks to be simple, lightweight, stylish and durable sandals.

 Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes Review

Simple: The sandals have one strap that wraps around in a Z-pattern, making it easy to snug around the foot across the foot, over the foot and behind the heel. I slid them on for a recovery sandal after running my first ultramarathon, and my feet were very happy in them after running 50km through the mountains. 

Lightweight: I walked back into my house after being outside and forgot I was still wearing them! At just over 5 ounces, this sandal is super lightweight and compact. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to travelling and backpacking – saving both weight and space in your pack or suitcase. 

Stylish: These sandals are stylish for wearing in the city, and super comfy. I even received a few compliments from friends and colleagues. 

Durable: These sandals come with a 5,000 mile warranty. Since I live in the city and I have a dog, I walk everywhere! I love wearing them when I walk my dog up on the mountains of Bergen in Norway and down in the city with friends for the day. Extra bonus, the soles have good grip when wandering around mountains or the rocks of the fjords in Norway.

Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes Review

Drawbacks: My foot would have preferred a half-size, as these shoes only come in whole sizes. I have my sandals adjusted with a little gap at the heel so that the toe isn’t too long. And yet, my heel rubs a little on the one side. But with some fine tuning with the strap they fit a bit better.

I had some struggle with keeping gravel out when walking, but it fell out easily. In hindsight, ordering a size down would have been better for those of us with half-size feet. So try out the size and see how you like the fit; sizing returns are simple.

Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes Review 

The verdict: I love these sandals. After having flip flops and other slip-ons, I definitely prefer the Z-Trek Lightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes. I live in a climate where it isn’t practical to have multiple pairs of different types of sandals that are only pulled out a couple of weeks a year, and this sandal covers all the bases from the beach to the mountains and a day in the city!

The bottom line: From the fjords of Norway, to the streets of southern France and over to Florida, these sandals go with me everywhere!


Women's Z-Trek Leightweight Sandal by Xero Shoes



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