NW Alpine Spider Hoody Base Layer Review

Amy Hatch

NW Alpine Spider Hoody Review


NW Alpine is company out of Oregon that makes climbing apparel for the core user. All its products are USA made and exceptionally designed.

I recently had the chance to test the Women's NW Alpine Spider Hoody. While I’ve only had it in my hands for just over a week, my initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

I’m not much of climber, so instead I have used the Spider Hoody for a winter run, skiing and as around town wear. It transitioned seamlessly between all three activities.


NW Alpine Spider Hoody Review


Here’s what I like about the NW Alpine Spider Hoody:

  • It’s made with Polartec® High Efficiency Power Dry® micro grid fleece, which is light enough layer to breathe well, while at the same time being heavy enough to keep you warm.

  • It works well as both an outer layer – such as when I was running and in a coffee shop – and an under layer – such as when I was skiing.

  • It has functional, streamlined features – a small front pocket and thumb holes.

  • It’s designed with an extra length in the torso. Presumably this is to fit under a climbing harness, but it also helps with tucking it into your snow pants and preventing the hip belt on your backpack from chaffing.

  • It’s USA Made. We mentioned this earlier, but want to highlight it again, as it’s so rare these days to find technical outdoor apparel that’s made domestically.

  • It doesn’t hold smell. This can often be a big issue with base layers, so I am particularly pleased about this.

  • It fits. Well. I’m a “smedium”... sometimes I wear a small and sometimes a medium. NW Alpine sent me a medium for this review.

I have yet to find a con about the NW Alpine Spider Hoody. But will update this review if I come across one as I give the base layer more mileage.

The Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a solid performance base layer, you can’t go wrong with the NW Alpine Spider Hoody. They are also 10% off! (until March 25th)

NW Alpine Spider Hoody Review


Our CEO Lloyd Vogel also tested out the Spider Hoody. Check out his video review of the men’s version!



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Women's Black Spider Hoody by NW Alpine


Men's Black Spider Hoody by NW Alpine



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