Kickstarter Roundup: Ground to Air Tents, 7-in-1 Cutlery, Rodless Fishing Reel, Wearable Strap Case, and the "Original" Inflatable Sleeping Bag

Lloyd Vogel

This week's Kickstarter Roundup features Ground to Air Tents, 7-in-1 Cutlery, a Rodless Fishing Reel, a Wearable Strap Case, and the "Original" Inflatable Sleeping Bag.


Sunda 2.0: The first 2-person ground-to-air tent, reimagined

Kickstarter regular, Kammok, is wrapping up another successful campaign. As someone who enjoys both hammock and tent camping, I can honestly say that I've never yearned for a shelter system that can do both. However, the concept is at least interesting, and with 460+ backers and 150K in funding, clearly, others think so too.

A shelter that adapts to your needs in any terrain. From grassy plains to rocky mountainsides, Sunda 2.0 is a reliable home on the trail no matter the landscape beneath your feet.

Advanced weatherproof construction, unique ground-to-air convertible design, and effortless, quick setup allows first-time campers and experienced backpackers alike to hike farther with ease and confidence into unfamiliar territory.

Check out the Sundra 2.0 on Kickstarter



7-in-1 Travel Cutlery Set

Basic spoon be damned! This 7 in 1 utensil functions as chopsticks, a serrated knife, a butter knife, serving tongs, and a bottle opener. Curious!

Whether you're off on a long weekend hike, a week long camping trip, or taking lunch into work with you throughout the week, we've found existing cutlery sets to be...lacking

Our mission with the 7in1 was to combine many great and useful features that you'll actually use, cutting out the gimmicks and focusing on quality. With the 7in1 in your bag, regardless of your meal, you'll have the tools you need to cook, serve and eat. With the 7in1, you'll never use disposable cutlery again.

Check out the Cutlery Set on Kickstarter!



Rodless Fishing Reel

For UL backpackers who like to fish, this rodless reel looks like a great addition to your kit. 5.6oz and 3' long it'll fit just about anywhere.  

It is a tiny, all in one Rodless fishing reel fully machined from stainless steel and anodized aluminum with a 3:1 gear ratio advantage.  At only 3 inches in length, this tiny fishing reel is super portable and great for the traveling fisherman.  It is built tough to fight big fish for a lifetime.

Check out the Rodless Fishing Reel on Kickstarter



Get off the ground with the *AERIAL A1* Tree Tent / Hammock

Nope, you're not seeing double, there really are 2 exceptionally similar gound to air tent/hammock setups on Kickstarter this week. Perhaps more of a Tentsile vibe than a hammock vibe.

This product captures all the features you find in a traditional tent along with the off ground benefits you get from a hammock.

The AERIAL is a lightweight portable shelter with a stable, horizontal sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees. This solo camping system is extremely comfortable, versatile and simple to set up. AERIAL A1 is the first of its kind, an intuitive design made for real campers.

Check out the AERIAL on Kickstarter



Glasskin | The Innovative Wearable Strap-Case for Sunglasses

Treating one's sunglasses nicely on trail is always a challenge. From scratches and breaks to simply losing them at camp, they are probably the item I most frequently have to replace. While not groundbreaking, these suped-up Croakies double as a protective sunglasses case. On your head or around your neck on sunny days. Safely tucked inside your pack or fanny on cloudy days.

Wear your strap and use it to protect your shades rain or shine. Just strap to case them and get ready for another adventure!   

Check out the Glasskin on Kickstarter



AirBags | The Original Inflatable Sleeping Bags

Yikes... the dark side of Kickstarter. 

We're so excited to introduce you to the most comfortable sleeping bags ever made. As the world’s first line of inflatable sleeping bags, AirBags solve virtually all of the problems with traditional sleeping bags and with traditional air mattresses.

They’re warmer, they’re super simple, they’re compact and they’re about a million times more comfortable than your sleeping bag. AirBags support all of your pressure points for a better night's sleep.

Experience the AirBag on Kickstarter

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