Funding Unsuccessful: 4 unique projects that didn't quite make it

Lloyd Vogel

As of April 1st, there have been 397,598 Kickstarter projects launched. While most of the crowdfunding projects we highlight on Garage Grown Gear are successfully funded, only 36% of all Kickstarter projects actually reach their goal. This week, we are taking a look at 4 innovative/bizarre/unique outdoorsy projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo (another big crowdfunding site) that didn't quite work out. Some of these projects are ones we wish had come to fruition, while others are probably ok being among the 64% of projects that fail. 

1. Windpal: Portable wind charger for the outdoors

While this looks like an incredibly cool idea, there are a bunch of ways to charge your devices, and this doesn't appear to be the lightest, easiest, most efficient, or most reliable way. While we would have enjoyed testing it out, unfortunately it only raised 28% of its 10K goal

Bripe: For Coffee and Outdoors Lovers!

Simply put, it's a pipe for coffee. While I've never found myself particularly dissatisfied with the way I normally ingest my coffee in the backcountry (either from an instant packet or from a pot), using the Bripe would certainly be a unique experience! While Bilbo Baggins would have loved it, they only reached 37% of their 50K goal.


3. Poop Sling: The better way to do your business outdoors

I LOVE stumbling across products that fill a market void I didn't even know existed. While I'd love to say that was my experience when I came across the Poop Sling, it wasn't. While it's certainly creative, it seems like a great deal of effort and intentionality behind an act that is exceptionally simple, uncomplicated, and utilitarian. Apparently others agreed as they only reached 14% of their 12.5K goal. 


4. Rama Llama: Llama insulated sleeping bags 

Unlike the other projects listed above, this one actually funded. Unfortunately, the creators realized the sleeping bag was going to be too expensive to actually bring to market, and they ditched the project entirely. While this occasionally happens on Kickstarter, it seems to be increasingly rare. Needless to say, a "llama fiber" sleeping bag would have certainly been unique! They raised 150% of their 12.5K goal.


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