The Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs from Small and Startup Brands!

Maria Watrous

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs

Scoring great outdoor gear for our dogs is almost as much fun as snagging something cool for ourselves! There’s just something so rewarding about that tongue-hanging-out goofy grin our dogs give us when we’re on a great adventure together! Here is a quick round up of our favorite outdoor gear for dogs from small and startup brands. 


Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Rad Dog Release and Run Leash collar with built in retractable leash

This collar with a built-in retractable 4-foot leash helps you carry less weight and get ahold of your dog quickly (for example: in the event of an unexpected encounter with a large animal). The leash stows away in its own pocket when not in use. Made from climbing webbing with a salt water-safe mechanism, the Release N Run is beyond durable.


Flow Fold Trailmate Leash

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Flowfold Trial Mate Leash Reclaimed Recycled Climbing Rope Dogs

Keep your pup close and look good doing it with a stylish leash made from recycled Sterling climbing rope. The Flowfold Trailmate Leashes come in bright colors for great visibility and are lightweight for easy packing.


Groundbird Gear Harness & Pack

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Ground Bird Gear Custom Dog Packs

Ground Bird Gear makes custom, chafe-free harnesses that fit to your dog’s measurements. The pack and harness weigh only about 8 ounces each. Made by an AT thru-hiker, GBG offers two pack closure styles and a rainbow of colors to choose from. The packs are detachable from the harness but will not come off in water or if your dog decides to jump, run or roll around.  


Rex Specs Goggles

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Rex Specs Dog Goggles

There are 1,001 uses for Rex Specs Goggles; boating, ATVs, snow machines, working dogs and trail running are just the first to come to mind. The goggles protect your dog’s eyes from debris that can cause trauma as well as prevent sun damage caused by UVA & UVB rays. With a specially designed strap to allow for full range of motion in the jaw, your dog will be comfy all day!


Metal Hounds Tags

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Metal Hounds Custom Dog Tags

It’s important that your dog wears your contact information, so why not make it look good too? Metal Hounds Tags – made by a two woman team  – are heavy duty, unique and gorgeous! There are loads of designs to choose from and you can even get some jewelry to match your dog. 


TurboPUP Bars

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Turbo Pup Complete Lightweight Dog Meal Snack

Your dog needs a snack break too! TurboPup Bars are grain free, veteran owned and made in the US. The bars are formulated to replace meals so you can save weight in your pack, but they are also great as a supplement or an extra treat. They are scored so you can break pieces off easily (not that your dog wouldn't scarf down the entire bar at once if you let him or her try!).   


Rad Dog Collapsible Pocket Bowl

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs - Rad Dog Collapsible Small Tiny Lightweight Dog Bowl

Hydration is important for both you and your dog! Rad Dog’s Collapsible Pocket Bowl weighs less than an ounce, folds down small enough to fit in your pocket, and holds up to 16 ounces of food or water.

Best Outdoor Gear for Dogs

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