10 Unique Stoves That Funded On Kickstarter

Lloyd Vogel

Stoves come in many different shapes, sizes, weights, styles, and fuel sources. Some are good for backpacking, and some are seemingly good for nothing! While there have been hundreds of stoves on Kickstarter, here are the 10 the peaked our interest most. 


1. Solo Stove Bonfire | The World's Most Unique Fire Pit


Its hard to believe that any stove could raise over a million on Kickstarter, but the Solo Stove Bonfire was a HUGE hit. This fancy firepit ramps up efficiency and cuts down on smoke, and it's fancy Kickstarter video makes you almost forget its incredibly basic utility. 

The Solo Stove Bonfire, the worlds most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design. It was painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. Using our patented design and specialized construction process, we have created the most beautiful single unit fire pit ever. $1,176,641 raised from 4,953 backers.


2. BioLite BaseCamp Stove | Turn Fire into Electricity

Biolite has a bunch of clever and unique stoves. This one was designed for larger (less mobile) groups, and like many BioLite stoves, it also doubles as a charger! Cool? Yes. Gimmicky? Maybe a little. But people who use these stoves seem to LOVE THEM. Always a good endorsement right?

The BioLite BaseCamp is a complete off-grid cooking and energy solution for groups, powered by wood. Using only fallen branches or small pieces of firewood, you can make wood-fired meals and charge your devices all at the same time. It's a smart alternative to fossil-fueled stoves, creating an elevated cooking fire that burns smarter than any campfire you're used to. $1,032,443 raised by 3,783 backers.


3. GoSun Stove: Portable, High Efficiency Solar Cooker 

If you didn't guess by this stove's name... it's powered by the sun! Built for backyard hangouts, the GoSun seems like a creative take on the solar cooker.

Designed for simplicity, durability, and mobility, the GoSun offers a convenient, user friendly package for our fast paced lives. The GoSun is as simple in principle as it is powerful, effectively retaining 80-90% of all sunlight that is caught in its footprint. The technology relies on the principles of parabolic reflection, evacuation (for its insulating value) and the Greenhouse effect, to make the most advanced solar cooking device to date. $203,217 raised by 955 backers.


4. Kombuis a portable and efficient rocket stove / cooking set.

A more traditional wood burning backpacking stove, the Kombuis nestles in itself, can be side fed fuel, and allows for seemingly good ventilation. Definitely less compactable than folding stoves (don't worry there are some on this list), but it seems to get the job done.

The stove has a natural working. This means there is no need of batteries or fans to make the fire burn well. Because of the insulation in the wall more hot air goes out the top of the stove. This makes that more air flows into the stove. The airflow which is generated flows under the burning wood so it has more oxygen and burns better. €75,478 raised by 737 backers.


5. Cook ANYWHERE under the sunwith SolSource Sport

Its hard to get over the fact that the guy in this video seems to be blinding himself 95% of the time he's actually using it. That being said, it seems like a pretty ingenious (and attention-grabbing) backyard stove!  

SolSource Sport lets you cook delicious food in the great outdoors - with just the power of the sun. The intense heat from SolSource Sport gets your sausages sizzling and coffee piping hot! It works by focusing sun light onto your pan to deliver intense heat with its efficient reflectors. It is easy to use, compact and portable - that means you can take it wherever you go. Better still, SolSource Sport lets you cook your favorite foods without fuel or waste. $155,373 raised by 680 backers.


6. The FireAnt Multi-fuel Backpacking Stove

A classic collapsible backpacking stove, the FireAnt initially came to life on Kickstarter! It folds down flat, is super lite, and can easily integrate with alcohol burners. Simple, straightforward, and effective.

The FireAnt re-defines the ultra-light, collapsible, wood burning stove. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, like the insect it’s named after, the FireAnt brings the heat. Because the FireAnt burns sticks and debris, which are free and abundant, there is no need to worry about running out of fuel on the trail. And with the option of integrating a Trangia or Esbit spirit burner, or any number of solid fuels, the versatility of the FireAnt is unmatched. $70,256 raised by 952 backers.


7. Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove

While this stove is no longer on the market, I still get weekly emails from customers asking about where to buy it. For the record, they stopped making it. I'm not sure of the reason, but if you know why, let me know so I can add some substance to my "I don't know why" response! 

I designed the Vertex Ultralight stove with a minimalist approach and focus on quality materials.  The stove only weighs 1.8 ounces (50 grams)....so light that it's not even noticeable in your pack.  The patent-pending, curved design creates incredible strength with very little mass.  The stove has no moving parts, assembles in seconds, and packs smaller than your trail map, so it can be tucked into even the thinnest pockets in your pack.  It serves the essential functions of fuel support, windscreen, and pot-stand in a simple and elegant design. $21,266 raised by 453 backers.


8. SIEGE STOVE: The Ultimate Camping & Survival Stove

This is a recently successful Kickstarter that allows you to take an ordinary can and turn it into a stove. A MYOG project meets cottage industry creation, the Siege Stove is a pretty great idea for those looking to customize and improvise. 

After extensive development and testing we have finally perfected the Siege Stove and are ready to introduce it to the world. The unique universal Cross-Members fit almost any common can, rapidly converting it into a powerful, stable, high-performance wood-burning and multi-fuel stove, with unique features and options not found in any other stove. In spite of its high performance, it is also uniquely affordable — so much so, that nothing else comes close to its value and versatility. $21,995 raised by 297 backers.


9. Critter CR2 Multifuel Camp Stove Stand (Ti now!)

While this isn't technically a stove (its a stove stand), it seems like an interesting UL design. Funded by a Minnesota based company, this little ditty took two Kickstarters to eventually become successful.

Features like a low center of gravity and teeth on the main supporting structure virtually eliminate tipping your food over while cooking. A sleek design allows the CR2 to be packed nearly anywhere you can imagine. Whether you are a hard core hiker, canoeist, campground camper, biker or a weekend camper, the CR2 camp stove stand combined with your favorite stove makes for a simple and easy cooking experience anywhere you are. $6,130 raised by 143 backers.


10. Enki Stove Wild: Cook everywhere using any kind of biomass 

Staged camping scenes are truly a work of art. That aside, it seems like this stove combines many of the qualities present in previously mentioned stoves (other than the fact that it's made in Italy). Wood burning with a very clean flame, they seem to evoke the power of science to make a very fuel efficient stove!    

Enki Stove Wild is a camp stove, designed to run with every kind of biomass, avoiding the transportation of gas tanks or charcoal, everywhere and without smoke. Wild is not a survival item. Wild is a professional stove, it’s powerful and you can use it to cook and grill as a pro, without wasting a lot of wood or gas.€94,086 raised by 434 backers.


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Denis N Minihane

Denis N Minihane

The critter stove looks pretty cool but it was a Kickstarter in 2014. I could not find any recent news on the product or a report of a contributor receiving their stove

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