10 Unique Hammocks That Funded on Kickstarter

Lloyd Vogel

Hammock Kickstarters

Kickstarter is often oversaturated with projects featuring backpacks, stretchy pants, "adventure jackets," EDC cards, folding knives, and hammocks! While some are total duds, there are some pretty unique products that stand out amongst the riffraff. This week we are taking a look at 10 pretty unique hammocks that all funded via Kickstarter. Some are incredibly legitimate, some are complete gimmicks, but for a hammocker like myself, all are interesting to ponder. 


1. Chameleon Hammock by DutchWare

DutchWare is an institution within the hammocking community, and the Chameleon was clearly designed by someone who knows a ton about hammock camping. Its added features are minimalist, modular, and very complimentary to the other pieces of hammocking equipment you might already have (top quilts, under quilts, tarps...). 734 backers pledged $199,549 to help bring this project to life.


2. LEVITAT: The Revolutionary Giant Hammock and Tree Tent 

While an argument could certainly be made to refute the Levitat's status as a hammock, these hammocks/tree tents/giant floating trampolines certainly have a place in the history of hammocks on Kickstarter. While Tentsile might be the best known of the bunch (Tentsile was never on Kickstarter), there have been a dozen or so similar products that have also attempted to find funding via Kickstarter. Sure they are huge and difficult to find spots to set up, but lets be honest... they are also super fun! 807 backers pledged €122,070 to help bring this project to life.


3. Sunda: The Next Level 2+ Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock 

It can be a 2 person tent, a 1 person hammock system, a regular old hammock, or an ultralight shelter. Designed by hammock guru Kammok, the Sunda is probably the best Kickstarter example of a hammock that also performs well on the ground. While there are several Kickstarter hammocks that transition from hammock to bivy, the Sunda looks like a pretty legit tent on it own. 1,213 backers pledged $378,332 to help bring this project to life.  


4. HydroHammock

Probably the weirdest and most unique Kickstarter of the bunch, the HydroHammock is essentially a hammock hot tub. While I'm sure that it would be exceptionally comfortable once its set up, it seems like a bunch of work for a result that is easily matched in a regular hot tub or jacuzzi. Additionally, after 2 years, this Kickstarter still hasn't delivered to its backers... yikes! 158 backers pledged $77,706 to help bring this project to life.


5. The SHEL: Ultralight Hammock Shelter by Khione Outdoor Gear 

When the SHEL launched, many within the hammocking community (myself included) were intrigued. It promised to be light (20oz), breathable, condensationless, waterproof, bug proof, and insulated (800 fill under quilt). The SHEL fits right over whatever hammock you currently use, and if it could really do all the above at 20oz, that would be pretty incredible! Unfortunately, it appears that the final product will weigh close to 40oz. Bummer. 580 backers pledged $94,179 to help bring this project to life.


6. The Foot Hammock 

We interrupt this list of "full body" hammocks to showcase the Foot Hammock! I'm not going to break this one down, but I couldn't help but include this truly unique hammock on our list. 2,782 backers pledged $113,212 to help bring this project to life.


 7. Superior Hammock | The Ultimate Sleep System

While insulated hammocks are by no means a new phenomenon, this is one of the few insulated hammock systems that has actually funded on Kickstarter. The under quilt is attached to the bottom of the hammock itself (via snaps), making it very cozy and easy to set up. If you've already got a hammocking kit you like, this probably wouldn't be the hammock for you, but if you are starting from scratch, this could be an intriguing set up. 111 backers pledged $42,657 to help bring this project to life.


8. Nubé the Perfected Hammock Shelter by Sierra Madre Research 

Sure it looks like a spaceship, but it also has some pretty neat features. The built-in gear sling keeps your gear off the ground, the bug net surrounds you (instead of being right in your face), and the rainfly looks pretty bomber. This is perhaps the most complete and functional hammock system that has funded on Kickstarter. 569 backers pledged $167,226 to help bring this project to life.


9. Crua Koala | The Hammock You'll Want to Stay in Forever

Glamping meets hammocking! Crua's wildly successful Kickstarter is all about creating a very comfortable and "frontcountry functional" hammocking experience. While I'm sure you could take the Crua out on extended trips, it seems like an incredibly practical and fun hammock for backyards, parks, and campgrounds. 4,034 backers pledged $625,787 to help bring this project to life.


10. The Alpine Hammock 

Almost all Kickstarter hammocks attempt to create solutions for bugs, rain, warmth, and ease of use. While the Alpine Hammock is no longer on the market, the Alpine Hammock was a product that could transform from a hammock to a bivy sack (depending on your environment). 362 backers pledged $42,915 to help bring this project to life. 


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