Renegade Review: Lightweight UltraFire Knife and MicroLite Saw

Max Kiel
Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review

Of course, a backpacker’s Big Three (pack, shelter, sleeping bag/pad) generally get the most attention when preparing for a trip. While the Big Three is important, the smaller miscellaneous items are not to be overshadowed. 

People often don’t think long and hard about a knife or other tools that they plan on bringing, but these tools can be important when in remote parts of the backcountry. 

The knife I carried during my AT thru-hike was rather heavy and bulky, so I was excited when given the chance to test out Renegade Outdoor’s UltraFire Knife, along with the MicroLite Saw

Renegade UltraFire Knife Specs/Info 

Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review

  • Weight: 18.9g 
  • Blade length: 2.15” 
  • Grip Length: 2.375” 
  • Overall length: 5.45” 
  • Nylon based grib and blade cover 
  • MSRP: $17.95 

Renegade MicroLite Saw Specs/Info 

Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review

  • Weight without blade: 12g 
  • Weight with blade: 22g 
  • Blade length: 4” 
  • 4” blade cover 
  • Overall size: 0.5”x2.9”x6” 
  • Nylon-based grip with stainless steel hardware 
  • MSRP: $21.95

What I Loved About Renegade’s UltraFire Knife and MicroLite Saw 

Weight: The first thing I quickly noticed after unboxing Renegade’s UltraFire Knife and MicroLite Saw was how light they are. Both of these products combined come in weighing only 1.4oz, which in my opinion is practically nothing.

Size: Both of these products are the ideal size for backcountry use. Fitting in the palm of my hand, their small size makes for easy storage inside my pack. 

Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review


Blade Covers: Both products feature Nylon blade covers for when these products aren’t in use. These covers are easy to slide on and off the blades, and add hardly any extra weight to the products. 

Functionality: I was very impressed with the Microlite saw’s ability to cut through branches and twigs for kindling when making a fire in the backcountry. Having this saw during my most recent backpacking trip saved me a ton of time and effort. I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. The UltraFire knife also functions as intended, slicing well through cheese, Duct tape, tent cordage, etc. While it fits the bill in all ways as a lightweight backpacking knife, I also wish the blade were longer (more on that below).   

Fire Starter: A cool feature of the UltraFire knife is that it doubles as a fire starter; a fire-steel rod on the cover easily generates sparks for kindling a fire. 

What I Didn’t Love About These Products

Razor-Blade Size for the Knife: The UltraFire Knife features a razor blade instead of a traditional knife blade. While this saves weight, I personally would like for the blade to be a bit longer in length. I would be fine with the product adding some ounces for the trade-off of a larger blade. 

Good to Know 

  • The blade for the saw can be taken off and replaced with another T-shank jigsaw blade in any length
  • Saw features non-slip handle to ensure a good grip in all types of weather conditions

Bottom Line 

Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review

If you’re looking to add an ultralight, functional knife and saw set to your layout, then look no further than Renegade Outdoor's UltraFire Knife and Microlite Saw. I recommend these useful tools to anyone looking to make camp life that much easier without adding much to your base weight.



Renegade Lightweight Backpacker Knife and Saw Review
Renegade Outdoor



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James Boyd

James Boyd

Gramps here. Another excellent article. Good job Yardsale! I found that I rarely used my knife and I like the idea of replaceable razor sharp blades rather than a heavier blade that requires occasional sharpening or touching up.

Eric B.

Eric B.

OK, so I ordered this nice little saw. I hope blades from ACE Hardware will also fit it.
For a knife I’ll stick with my small GERBER stainless steel lock blade pocket knife.

Eric B.

Eric B.

I could use that little saw when I take my Trail Designs titanium Sidewinder stove with its ti Inferno wodburning insert. That stove takes up to thumb sized sticks. Sometimes it’s not possible to break dead sticks that size short enough for the stove.

That stove burns wood so hot the ashes are all white! Love it mainly for ESBIT tablet cooking. Done it twice on Grand Canyon backpacks where stove and fuel weight must be minimized for geezers like me.

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