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Those of us lucky enough to live in the Tetons tend to have a similar story. We came for what was supposed to be one winter and never left. The powder was too deep and the access too good to put down roots somewhere else.

Yes, making it professionally in rural Wyoming or Idaho has its challenges. You have to do inventive things ... like start your own business. But, when the snow flies, as it already has this year, none of us question why we hustle to make it work.

This giveaway is a celebration of the outdoor gear companies born here in the Tetons and the world-class ski resort right in our backyard. We’re so excited to give the grand prize winner the opportunity to experience this amazing place we call home and to give runner-up winners a taste of it through Teton-made swag.

The giveaway entry form is at the bottom of the post. As you scroll down, take a moment to learn more about the companies who brought this giveaway to life and the sweet prizes up for grabs.


Garage Grown Gear

On a Wednesday evening in October 2009, Amy Hatch sat down in her tiny cabin in Alaska. The newspaper she was working for was in bankruptcy and a 6-year relationship had just ended. She decided she needed a change.

The next day Amy resigned from her job. She then packed her 90-pound dog and all of her belongings into a Subaru Impreza – skis latched with rope to the roof rack. She drove 3,000 miles over icy roads and through sub-zero temps to get to Jackson Hole – she’d never been there and didn’t know anyone.

She got a job as ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, met her husband, started Garage Grown Gear and the rest, as they say, is history. Here at Garage Grown Gear we’re devoted to being the experts on outdoor gear startups and sharing our beta with you.



Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

There’s a reason Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has a reputation as the place to ski steep and deep powder. Few places can claim inbound terrain as inspiring (and terrifying) as Corbet’s Couloir and Tower 3. Somewhat lesser known is the vast and beautiful sidecountry that can be accessed from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

And, at the end of the day, when you just don’t want to leave that wild world, you don’t have to; instead, hole up for the night slopeside in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s backcountry yurt. The rustic Rock Springs Yurt sleeps up to eight – round up your college buddies for this one.

What you would win: a night in JHMR’s backcountry yurt, food and guide included, and 4 full-day lift tickets. (Blackout dates: 12/20/16 - 1/3/17 and 2/15/17 - 2/25/17. Other dates pending snow conditions.)



Sego Ski Co.

Sego is run by passionate skiers and ski artisans who are driven by the goal of producing the highest quality skis in the industry. Its quiver of offerings includes sticks for sunrise tours on Teton Pass, epic powder days, and high-pressure bluebird resort days.

All Sego skis are made from start to finish in house, allowing the team to test and develop skis in the same day. And, with the lively, ski-centric community that resides here regularly stopping by Sego’s HQs for an après beer, it’s fair to say the company gets plenty of customer input as well.

Sego was founded by brothers Tim and Peter Wells. Tim runs business logistics while Peter heads up production. Both do plenty of product testing. 

What you would win: any pair of Sego Skis you want. You pick the model and size.




There was a phrase in the Canadian town where Bubba Albrecht spent time while growing up: “Give’r.” It meant to get after it, be in the moment, give it your all.

When Bubba and friends spent seven days kayaking to Northern Ontario, he made everyone a hat to commemorate the trip. It featured the phrase Give’r, along with an outline of the Tetons, where Bubba lived.

After the trip, people regularly asked Bubba where he got that hat. After dozens of requests, Give’r was born. What started with a hat has grown into a full line of clothing, including the new 4-Season Give’r Gloves, funded on Kickstarter to the tune of almost $225K.

What you would win: Grand prize winner gets 4 pairs of the 4-Season Give’r Gloves and 4 Give’r All Sport Shirts; 3 runner-ups get 1 pair of 4-Season Give’r Gloves.



Kate’s Real Food

In the ’90s Kate Schade loved to make bars out of whatever ingredients she could find in the cupboard. She’d then chow on and hand out these bars while waiting in line to ski off of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s famous tram.

One thing led to another and today Kate’s Real Food is a thriving business. It currently offers five varieties of bars: the original Tram Bar, the Grizzly Bar, the Handle Bar, the Stash Bar and, a gluten-free option, the Tiki Bar. As the name implies, all the bars use real ingredients that you can pronounce, resulting in an extremely satisfying snack (or small meal).

What you would win: Grand prize winner gets 4 boxes of Kate’s Real Food bars; 3 runner-ups get 1 box of Kate’s Real Food Tram Bars.



Liquid Hardware

Founder Stephen Kitto got the idea for Liquid Hardware while he was driving; a water bottle lid slipped out of his hands and was rattling around near the gas pedal. Someone should make a water bottle with a magnetic lid, he thought. And, so he did.

Liquid Hardware’s patented line of vacuum-insulated bottles feature a magnetic lid that sticks to the side of the container. The silicon-covered magnet on the lid is also strong enough for you to stick your bottle other metal objects, like your truck or weight bench.

Just this month Liquid Hardware introduced a coffee mug, called the Aurora. This complements its vacuum-insulated water bottled, the Sidewinder.

What you would win: Grand prize winner gets 4 Auroras etched with Garage Grown Gear’s new logo; 3 runner-ups get 1 Aurora etched with Garage Grown Gear’s new logo.