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Love every order!

I'm a returning customer who loves everything Garage Grown Gear does and promotes. Appreciate all the awesome small brands you've introduced me to :)

GGG is GGGreat!

Okay, corny (or more should I say, corn-flakey) review title ripped from Frosted Flakes, but just like Frosted Flakes, Garage Grown Gear is always great to have around, you miss it when you haven't had it in a while, and it's always just a little sweeter than you think it's going to be. So proud of this local-company-made-good!

First place to check if I need to order any hiking gear

Always great prices and selection

The Best

GGG has become my go to for everything. From small to big items they have it and the shipping is very fast. 5 Stars

Happy to discover!

I stumbled upon Garage Grown Gear from youtube and was blown away by all these brands I'd never heard of before. Pretty neat you can find them all in one spot! Purchased couple of times this year and will more.

2 mistakes & Inconsistent Customer Service

On Wednesday March 20, 2024, I ordered a hat, and what happened after that could be a learning opportunity, which is why I'm being detailed in this review. Anyway, on Thursday March 21, it "ships," but I won't count it because often it is just a label was created. Monday April 1, it is delivered (7 business days to be delivered. 9 days if you count Saturdays.) Unfortunately, GGG sent the wrong size so I contacted them. Staff 2.7. replies and provides great customer service: apologizes, acknowledges that this may have inconvenienced me, and says he's including a return shipping label to send back the first hat. Shortly after, I also received an email that says the 'correct' hat had shipped (again maybe just a label.) On Friday April 5, it is delivered, arriving in 4 days!

But get this, it is the wrong model hat this time. Same brand but completely wrong model. So again, I email GGG and realize they're about to close due to the different timezones. A different staff, staffZZ. replied and provided the bare minimum in customer service, which struck me as odd given they had now made a 2nd mistake. Furthermore, he asked that I send a photo of the wrong model for verification despite that I had included their own website description for this incorrect hat. I quickly sent the requested photo, and I also asked a clarification question for returning both hats. I didn't get my hopes up for a reply or anything because it was Friday, and I support that individuals don't work outside work hours and on the typical weekends.

Tuesday April 9, I heard back from staffZZ. who sent 2 sentences—said the correct item was shipped and "sorry for the mix-up." He did not answer my clarification question from my prior email. On Saturday April 13, the correct hat was finally delivered Saturday evening. Again in 4 days. So there are the facts, and with that, I'll leave some thoughts. I've been providing customer service for nearly 20 years, and 1 thing that I've learned during my time is as follows. The degree or extent of a problem insists on a proportional, inverse for the customer service being provided. In other words, as my issue got worse, the customer service should have acknowledged the worsening issue and should have tried to "match it" or be better. To be clear, I'm not presuming for freebies or discounts, but staffZZ's customer service left much to be desired. Staff 2.7.'s customer service started out great, and I'd like to believe it would been maintained or even have been elevated as the company made its 2nd mistake... Anyway, I'm off to email them again to make sure we are all clear on how their 2 hats will get back to them.

Hey Jeff!

I'm genuinely sorry to hear about the multiple issues with your order. We aren't immune to the occasional mistake, but it really sucks that we managed to mess up your order twice. Apologies for that! This shouldn't happen, and I hope we'll get another chance in the future to show you that this is an anomaly. I'm glad you eventually received what you ordered. If you're emailing our customer service team now, they'll definitely respond to you on Monday morning.

I'm also really sorry to hear that you didn't get the customer service experience you had hoped for. That's something we pride ourselves on here at GGG. As we do with all testimonials containing critical feedback, we'll discuss things as a team to see what can be learned.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a testimonial and for bearing with us through this less-than-ideal situation. Sorry that's how your first GGG purchase went, and I hope you're enjoying the hat.



I will definitely shop here again and again

I ordered an item that said it was in stock but quickly got an email from Pete who after apologizing said it was on back order and gave me options to wait a few days until it came in or cancel my order all together. I wasn’t in a hurry and said I would wait. Pete was again quick to respond to that email as well.
I received another email from Pete that they had received my order from the manufacturer and quickly sent it out. Arrived today!!
I will be shopping with them again because of their customer service and responsiveness that you don’t always get with the bigger stores.
Thank you Pete! And everyone at garage grown gear!

They got your back for lightweight legit stuff

They only have cool stuff here I feel like and honestly it’s decently priced. I love supporting these guys. They always have fun new things too. So pumped to try the freeze dried salsa

Garage Grown Gear
Ivan The Wonderful
Kick Ass

Stumbling upon Garage Grown Gear felt like discovering a secret sanctuary for rebels in the outdoors gear scene. It's where small brands reign supreme, flipping a glorious middle finger to the big names dominating the market. But what's truly kickass is the sense of community – it's fun, it's approachable, and it truly is a special place on the internet. I mean... what other outdoor retailer runs an easter egg hunt?!? It gets me, I love it, and i'll keep on supporting it!

The Honeymoon is Over.

When I first discovered GGG I was a little overwhelmed (in a good way) with the selection of products, but over time after ordering quite a bit from them (a little over $1000) over the past 9 months, I'm left a little soured after participating in several of the recent giveaways and most recently the Easter sale/mystery gift.

To explain, I ordered an 8020 neck gaiter from Appalachian Gear Company, and a Vanguard Wallet from flowfold because my previously ordered wallet (Lean Wallet Solid from Hawbuck) has started to fray at the edges and I just wanted something slightly larger. Well, I was surprised to see that the "mystery gift" was none other than another "wallet" (a Hiker Wallet from Granite Gear.) Don't get me wrong, I have many products from Granite Gear already, their Blaze 60 and e-vent compression sacks are my go-tos, but I'm left confused by the system or policy in place for the selection of the mystery gifts.

To say I was a little disappointed was an understatement, and this just served to be the straw that broke the camels back.

Hey Dylan!

Thanks for being such a long time customer and sorry the giveaways and mystery gift didn't pan out how you had hoped! With 25K+ folks entering each of our giveaways, the odds on those are unfortunely just very very long. We've tried expanding the number of winners over the years (we are up to 10 for each giveaway), but the chances of winning are still pretty slim.

As for the Mystery Gifts, we've sent out about 1000 this past week, and they are truely a mystery! We've got a big bin in the middle of our packing table, and when someone orders a mystery gift, we pick something at random and chuck it in. It's full of overstocked items, samples, random 1 offs, discountined items, and a bunch of others things bit and small. It's meant to be fun and random, and while some folks get some big ticket items, not everyone is going to hit a homerun or get something of high value. The systems for selection is intentionally unintentional.

Hopefully that camel's back can heal and the honeymoon can start off anew! Certainly appreciate your support of GGG, and while we try to make these promotions fun, if they aren't hitting the mark with you, we won't be offended if you stick to our less random events :)



Really great products

This is pretty much the only place I buy gear. I like supporting small businesses but also have found the quality superior.

Out of stock from the manufacturer? No problem-

I wanted a few “very specific” pieces of gear from 2 dif cottage companies. 1 company was out of stock on the item and was closed for an extended time for a hiking trip. I found garage gear and they had the out of stock item “in stock” and had the other cottage companies item that I wanted! 1 order placed and I got just what I wanted. Very pleased.

Great selection and fast shipping every time.

Fair prices, fast shipping, large selection of gear...what's not to like!

Excellent service and awesome gear selection!

I have ordered a few things from GGG and it has been nothing but good. They have great stuff to help prepare me for my upcoming through-hike!

Love these guys

Always kind, always get a hand written thank you on my receipt, and last time I got a free pack of hot pepper flakes :D

Treats me Well

GGG always treats me well when I shop with them, and their selection of ultralight products is fun. Thanks for sending me the short toothbrush and the customized thank you note.

Just in time!

I’m very thankful that my wonderful Lightrek hiking umbrella by Gossamer Gear came early Saturday for my hike up the mountain tomorrow. I really appreciate the staff’s efforts to make it happen for me. The umbrella is super lightweight and it will serve me well since the forecast is pretty dismal right now. Thank you so much!

Awesome Company Outstanding Service

I have noticed after serval orders of a variety of products that each order arrives very quickly and is exactly what I ordered. I’m so impressed with GGG. Plus the packet of red pepper flakes is a nice touch and makes even the best pizza a little better. Will continue to order. I’m most definitely a customer for life

Excellent products

Excellent products and fantastic Customer service. Really getting into hiking and adding to my longer daypack essentials.

I love GGG. I especially like supporting the small, often extra-eco-friendly companies, whose gear this site carries. This place is my new go-to, particularly as other well-known outdoor retailers have shifted more toward lifestyle goods and away from actual gear.

I love throwin down in my Triple Crown Sun Shirt

I have 2 Triple Crown sun shirts with a hood. I love the light hood that help keep the sun off my face and neck without me over heating. This works especially well when ridge running or side-hilling where the sun is hitting on the same spot for a while and I am sweating too much for sun screen. Incredibly well made with tons of style so you look cool in the mountains, the desert on a bike tour or anytime you are in the backcountry. Great as a sun-shirt or a base layer.
If you have been around then you know you should throw down in a Triple Crown.

Great company, Great service

Order was packed well and shipped out super quick! They even added a couple condiments to compliment the backpacking meals I purchased. I look forward to utilizing GGG in the future for my outdoor needs!

Problems solved

GGG just has so many perfect little solutions to common problems. Great community. Great products. Crazy fast service. Keep it up guys.

Terrific- happy customer and happy camper

I made my first order with GGG and everything was sent perfectly, timely, and for a very good deal. They even included a sticker (that’s going on my bear vault) and some pepper to add to the dehydrated food. Also, I got a handwritten note. REI, where I have been a member since 1992, has never had such great service at GGG. Thanks Sarah and team!

GGG all day

I’m in love with GGG. Amazing gear all in one place, and you get to shop small. Helping cottage companies get to the front line and seeing what cool, new innovation they have made. Been a big fan for years, and for many more to come.