Backpacker Blend Coffee by Huxley

Size: 5-pack (box)
134 kr


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Est. 2023

The days of lackluster instant coffee are over!

You deserve incredible coffee while on your greatest adventures. Huxley's Backpacker Blend is the perfect on-the-go single serve option whether you are camping in woods or at Everest base camp. Huxley uses a rich and comforting blend of coffee, utilizing the same high-quality beans as their other blends. Packaged in an easy to use, tea bag style brew bag, simply steep for 5 minutes in hot water. Best of all, compost* the bag when you are done.

Embrace the outdoors and brew a great cup of coffee on-the-go. This crowd pleasing blend of Guatemalan and Colombian coffee is balanced and smooth. Brew it hot or cold and be rewarded with a creamy chocolate flavor complemented by bright orange and nutty hazelnut notes. If you like a stronger cup, simply brew it a few minutes longer.


  • Convenient - No heavy brewing equipment, simply brew in hot or cold water
  • Lightweight - Each bag weighs only 15 grams
  • Tastes Great - Cafe quality farm sourced coffee, roasted fresh and triple nitro flushed
  • Stays fresh for up to 1 year
  • Eco-Friendly - Brew bag is 100% compostable, box foil pouches are 100% recyclable, 1% For The Planet member

Origins - Guatemala & Colombia

Tasting Notes - Milk Chocolate | Orange Peel | Roasted Hazelnut

*Please follow Leave No Trace principles and pack out your coffee brew bags!


       Ingredients: Coffee

      • Serves 5 (per box)

      Weight: 0.5oz (net weight)

      Made in the USA

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