The Pot Pocket: A Warm Welcome to Your Backpacking Meals

Brett "Grandpa" Kretzer


As far as I can tell, there are two perspectives on backpacking sustenance. The first is that food is fuel, and the simpler and quicker you can get the job done, the better. The second perspective is that food provides a good boost of morale and should be optimized and enjoyed as much as possible. If you subscribe to the latter school of thought, the PotPocket by Gossamer Gear can take your trail dinners to the next level while still maintaining an ultralight pack weight.

The PotPocket serves to keep your cook kit contained in a handy carrying kit, but its main function is to decrease cooking times and increase your consumption window by keeping your meal warm for longer. A simple but effective product, the PotPocket is an insulated sleeve with a drawstring collar to keep your meal nice and cozy for longer. You’re already most likely packing a puffy jacket for yourself so why not pack one for your meals? 



If we dive a little deeper into the PotPocket’s construction, we’ll find a PE foam core, laminated with a reflective polyester film, and then wrapped in a Tyvek (a thru-hiker favorite) outer shell. This combination of space-age materials is not only an effective insulator, it’s also easy to clean up in the case of any unfortunate spills.


The thing I love most about Gossamer Gear is that their products are made by ultralight backpackers and are based on a wealth of experience in the backcountry. They deeply understand all of the tiny nuances of daily life of a wilderness explorer on and off trail. That knowledge shines through in every feature of their products.


The PotPocket is available in two sizes that should accommodate just about every pot size out there. The medium fits most 550ml-750ml pots, and the large fits most 750ml-1100ml pots. I personally used the medium on my Toaks 550ml pot, and it fit like a glove, with just the right amount of wiggle room for extra accessories. If your pot falls in between sizes, or if you like to carry any extra cooking implements, I would recommend going with the large. Sometimes I carry an extra cup for coffee or some silicone lid seals for cold soaking, which would fit nicely into the collar section of the PotPocket.

Handle and Comfort

The insulated sleeve, which is plenty thick enough to allow you to hold onto your pot without burning your hand, is equipped with a lightweight webbing handle to ensure a secure grip on your tasty goodies. A thoughtful and welcome addition to the overall practicality of the product. 

Extendable Collar

Topping off the main insulated body of the PotPocket is a cinchable collar that further helps to keep your pot warm and the contents contained. Once your meal is fully cooked and ready to eat, the collar folds down nicely around the insulated body to make your pot more accessible. 

Personal Experience

I recently used the PotPocket on a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon in mid April. Although the desert heat was intense during the day, the nights dropped well into the 30’s, and I actually encountered snow on my hike out of the canyon.

I utilized a common fuel-saving method of cooking meals in the backcountry which entails boiling water first and then turning off the heat and adding dehydrated ingredients to sit and cook. This method works great in warm climates, but can understandably be flawed on frigid nights. I’ve often been left with a cooked but lukewarm meal by the time it’s ready to eat.

My meal of choice with the PotPocket was a Thai-inspired ramen with rice noodles, beef jerky, soy sauce, and a dollop of peanut butter. I boiled the water, added the ingredients, cinched up the PotPocket, and then waited patiently as my brew cooked. After about ten minutes, I opened up the collar and was amazed at how much heat poured out of the opening. My pot was surprisingly almost as warm as when I removed it from the burner. A smashing success! The PotPocket is unobstructing and easy to work around too. Simply fold the collar down, and you’ve got a comfy pot holder, a warm meal, and an unburned hand.

My cook kit for this trip contained a 550ml Toaks pot, small isobutane fuel canister, BRS-3000T stove, and mini lighter. All of this fits easily into the PotPocket with room to spare. Sometimes I do carry an extra Toaks 450ml cup for coffee, and if this were the case, I could have easily fit that into my larger pot, and then cinched a small fuel canister on top of the pot with the PotPocket collar - something that I cannot do with my old pot sleeve.

Final Thoughts…

The PotPocket is a thoughtful and effective piece of backpacking gear that is guaranteed to kick your meals up a notch. It preserves and increases the morale boost provided by a warm, comforting meal in the backcountry. The features are well thought out, not overdone, and at just around 20g for the medium version, it barely weighs a shred more than the pot sleeve I was already using with my Toaks. I will most definitely be adding the PotPocket to my moderate to cold weather backpacking kit. Thanks, Gossamer Gear!


Brett is a bluegrass musician, outdoorsman, and writer currently based in Golden, CO. He's backpacked thousands of miles in the U.S. and Europe and is always on the lookout for the next adventure. When not behind the writing desk, you can find him bagging peaks, climbing rocks, shredding powder, or jamming at a bluegrass festival.



PotPocket by Gossamer Gear
PotPocket by Gossamer Gear



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