Father's Day: 5 gifts for your outdoorsy dad

Lloyd Vogel

Its that time of year when we appreciate the fantastic dads in our lives! Need a present for that special dude? We've got you covered with these five gifts for your outdoorsy dad. 


1. Cloudline Socks 

Cloudline socks are comfortable, colorful and protected by a lifetime warranty. Made in the USA, these socks give Dad's feet that brand new feel every time – no wear spots and no sagging. Shop Here!

Gifts for outdoorsy dad - Cloudline Socks



2. Flowfold Wallets

Is Dad's wallet old, bursting at the seems, and in need of some serious TLC? Help him out with a wallet from Flowfold. Light, practical, and ruggedly built, these wallets hold his $$$, ID, credits cards and EDC! Shop Here!

Gifts for outdoorsy dad - Flowfold Wallets



3. Give'r Hand-Branded Gloves 

Give'r gloves are dubbed the gloves of 100 uses. One of our best sellers, they're ideal for active papas who ski, chainsaw, split wood, mow the lawn, grill and drive the kids around! Plus they come with a personal touch. Get Dad's initials hand-branded on the inside cuff. Shop Here!

Gifts for outdoorsy dad - Give'r hand-branded gloves



4. Liquid Hardware Aurora Mugs

If Dad loves coffee, the Liquid Hardware Aurora mug is a must have. It insulates so well that he'll have great great great grandchildren before his coffee gets cold. OK ... slight exaggeration, but its actually ridiculous how well these mugs keep your coffee hot! Shop Here!



5. Thru. Fanny Packs:

Fanny packs. They're a thing. A thing Dad needs. Thru. makes sweet fanny packs strap designs so crazy Dad just might look hip again. Get it, hip?!? Ugh sorry. Whether wearing it around town or on the trail, this accessory is as practical as it is stylish. Shop Here!

Gifts for outdoorsy dad - Thru. Fanny Pack


***Need more gift ideas for your outdoorsy dad? Check out the full collection we put together featuring more innovative and cool outdoor gear from startups***


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