Draft Collar - Enigma by Enlightened Equipment

1.500 kr


***SHIPS DIRECTLY FROM ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT in 5-7 business days | Based in Winona, MN | Est. 2009

Available as an add-on for all 30, 20, and 10 degree Enigma Quilts. (Not available for 40 degree quilts.)

Selecting this option adds a draft collar to the head of your Enigma Quilt.

Draft Collars are 2" tall tubes of insulation lining the top & bottom of applicable quilts. Quilts with adjustable footboxes (Revelation 850FP & 950FP) receive two Draft Collars, while sewn-closed footbox (Enigma 850FP & 950FP) quilts get one. Draft Collars at the top of quilts sit between the neck closure and the user, while bottom Draft Collars help insulate the foot box cinch hole.



      Weight: ~0.6oz


        • Fabric: 10D nylon
        • Insulation: 850fp or 950fp down (Ethically sourced from an RDS certified supplier. Down product weights may vary +/- 3% due to production variances.)

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