Revelation Quilt 950FP by Enlightened Equipment


Color: Forest/Charcoal
Temperature: 40 Degree
Size: Short/Regular
$ 324.99


***SHIPS DIRECTLY FROM ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT in 5-7 business days | Based in Winona, MN | Est. 2009

A favorite of long distance hikers, the Revelation Quilt is known for its amazing versatility, thoughtful design, and ultralight weight. On warm nights, The Revelation can lay open as a blanket, and in colder temperatures, you can cinch the adjustable 1/4 length zipper footbox closed. This design allows you to dial in a comfortable night’s sleep in a wide range of different temperatures and climates.


  • Pad attachment system uses elastic straps and clips on each side of the quilt to keep it secure on a sleeping pad and lock out drafts on cold nights
  • Snap and drawcord neck closure lets you fine-tune draft control
  • Unique U-shaped continuous baffles keep the down where you need it, all night long


  • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz)
  • 100% cotton storage bag
  • Elastic Straps (0.4oz each - One Straight, One Loop)

    *Optional "Draft Collar" available as an add-on for all 30, 20, and 10 degree Revelation Quilts sold HERE. (Add to cart separately.)

    Selecting this option adds draft collars to the head and foot of your Revelation Quilt.

    Stuffed, finished and inspected in Winona, MN. Shells are imported. 




        • Short length: 72" (generally fits individuals ≤5'6")
        • Regular length: 78" (generally fits individuals 5'6"-6')
        • Long length: 84" (generally fits individuals 6'-6'6")
        • Regular width (shoulder/foot): 54"/40" (fits 48"-56" girth)
        • Wide width (shoulder/foot): 58"/42" (fits 54"-62" girth)

         *Stomach sleepers add 4-5" to height, active sleepers add 4-5" to width



        40 degree: 

        Target Loft: 1.5"

        • Short/Regular: 13.8oz (total), 8oz (fill)
        • Regular/Regular: 14.8oz (total), 8.7oz (fill)
        • Regular/Wide: 15.5oz (total), 9.1oz (fill)
        • Long/Wide: 16.7oz (total), 9.8oz (fill)

        30 degree:

        Target Loft: 2"

        • Short/Regular: 16.6oz (total), 10.7oz (fill)
        • Regular/Regular: 17.8oz (total), 11.5oz (fill)
        • Regular/Wide: 18.7oz (total), 12.1oz (fill)
        • Long/Wide: 20.1oz (total), 13oz (fill)

        20 degree:

        Target Loft: 2.5"

        • Short/Regular: 19.4oz (total), 13.3oz (fill)
        • Regular/Regular: 20.9oz (total), 14.4oz (fill)
        • Regular/Wide: 21.8oz (total), 15.2oz (fill)
        • Long/Wide: 23.6oz (total), 16.3oz (fill)

        10 degree:

        Target Loft: 3"

        • Short/Regular: 22.2oz (total), 16oz (fill)
        • Regular/Regular: 23.9oz (total), 17.3oz (fill)
        • Regular/Wide: 25.1oz (total), 18.2oz (fill)
        • Long/Wide: 27.1oz (total), 19.6oz (fill)


          • Fabric: 10D nylon
          • Insulation: 950FP down (Ethically sourced from an RDS certified supplier. Down product weights may vary +/- 3% due to production variances.)
          • YKK zipper

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