Top New Products of 2019

Lloyd Vogel

2019 featured some wildly cool new products! Here are 7 of our favorites.


Dirigo 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

The Dirigo 2 is Hyperlite Mountain Gear's first foray in the world of self-contained tents. It's made from DCF (like all other things HMG), weighs 28oz, is supported by 2 trekking poles, and holds 1 person comfortably (and 2 people if they are fine getting cozy). Expect to see a bunch of new Dirigo 2 users on the trails this upcoming year! Check out the Dirigo 2 by Hyperlite Mountain Gear.



G4-20 Ultralight 42 by Gossamer Gear

The G4-20 is Gossamer Gear's homage to their popular classic the G4. With updated materials and design, the G4-20 has a range of subtle features that truly highlight the intentionality of the design. Lightweight (25oz with sit pad) with a 42L carrying capacity, the G4-20 was designed to carry loads of up to 30lbs. Check out the G4-20 by Gossamer Gear!



Cairn Geo Sandals by Bedrock Sandals

The Geo Sandals by Bedrock Sandals feature a new brown outsole that, on top of simply looking sweet, is made out of 30% recycled material. While a little less grippy than their other offerings, the Geo Sandals are high-performance sandals that cast a crucial eye on comfort and aesthetics. Check out the Cairn Geo Sandals by Bedrock Sandals.



Visp Rain Jacket by Enlightened Equipment

The Visp does everything you expect a high-quality rain jacket to do. It's light (right around 5oz), exceptionally waterproof (Waterproof to 20,000mm H₂0), breathable, and well-cut for layering. It's a lean mean water repealing machine! Check out the Visp Rain Jacket by Enlightened Equipment.



ZenBivy Light Quilt by ZenBivy

Luxury meets ultralight! The ZenBivy Light quilt is about as close to a lightweight bed as you'll find. Consisting of a quilt and hooded sheet that attach and detach as desired, it provides a sleeping experience that emulates the comfort and security of home. Check out the Light Quilt by ZenBivy!



Cnoc Telescopic Trekking Poles

While we've only seen samples at this point, we are pretty stoked by the idea of made in the USA carbon fiber poles. Ultralight, sturdy, and available in cork or EVA grips, Cnoc has boldly gone where no one (ok... a small handful) has gone before. With their Kickstarter wrapping up in 2018, these beauts will be available in early 2019! Check out the Telescopic Trekking Poles by Cnoc.


Grid Fleece Hoody by Pa'lante

Ok so this actually hasn't been released yet, but it was originally slated for late 2019 and it is anticipated to launch here soon!  Pa'lante is stepping outside of pack creation to make a "breathable grid fleece with fitted hood, half-length zipper, and a large front pocket (placed higher to get out of the way of your hipbelt, fanny pack, or climbing harness)." Looks somewhat like a Melanzana hoodie? Yup. Will it have some tweaked features that make it more finetuned to backpackers? Hopefully! Check out the Grid Fleece Hoody by Pa'lante.

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I have the regular Zenbivy, and I love that thing. I’m a hammock sleeper, and it takes some getting used to — that’s probably not the case for ground sleepers — but soon after buying it I got rid of my beloved down sleeping bag that I’d owned for a few decades.

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