Gear Review: Lean Wallet by Hawbuck

Mandy Esch
As a long time member of GAA (Gear Addicts Anonymous), I love when I can rationalize a piece of gear by using it off trail as much as I do in the backcountry. Combine that practicality with minimalism in a super ultralight package and it attains Holy Grail-like levels of equipment trifecta perfection.

Few products do this as well as the Hawbuck Lean Wallet. This crazy slim and tenacious Dyneema Composite Fabric-hybrid wallet weighs only 5 grams and the thickness measures under a millimeter. Yet it still has plenty of room for cash and holds 4-5 cards on each side without gripping them too tightly to retrieve. It is so minimal that there is no longer any reason to hike with IDs in plastic baggies that make your bum sweat, and it works as well in daily life as it does on trail.

What I Love About the Hawbuck Lean Wallet

Durable - The composite fabric is comprised of Cuben fiber woven with a polyester face. The result is a wallet with extremely low stretch that doesn't absorb moisture. Unlike leather wallets, you can hike, run, or cycle without dampening the Lean Wallet and it is a wonderful vegan alternative. 
The Specs - As mentioned this wallet weighs only 5 grams and is less than a millimeter thick when empty. However, what I appreciate most about the construction is that all the dimensions on this thing are perfect. There is plenty of room for cash without wasting space. The card holders on each side are so exactly right that they hold one card without slippage just as well as they hold five without getting too tight or sticky. The card pockets even keep the quarter I use to open my bear can securely tucked inside while I bounce along the trail. Since the total thickness of this wallet is really determined by what is placed within it, it quickly adjusts from ultra-thin backcountry mode to a versatile frontcountry wallet that won't misalign spines when sat upon.  

Minimalism - The Lean Wallet holds all the essentials and doesn't waste space or materials on any extras. It is the perfect wallet for people who would rather not carry one as well as a superb minimalist wallet for those who do.  

What I Didn’t Love

Hard to Tell it is Even There - This truly belongs in the “what I love” section now that I’m used to it, but initially I had to keep checking my back pocket to make sure it was really still there. The Lean Wallet is so lightweight, it is legitimately hard to feel it at times. 


The Verdict  

Hawbuck has created the perfect wallet. After much use it shows no signs of wear and tear. It resists moisture, weighs next to nothing, and keeps valuables safely in place. The wallet is so tiny it fits in any pocket you want. Furthermore, Hawbuck’s unique look has clean lines that make it well suited for everything from paying the bill in a classy restaurant to dusty days on the trail. Get one for yourself and be prepared to be impressed.  


Hawbuck Dyneema Slim Lightweight Wallet
Hawbuck Lean Wallet



Mandy Esch is an international pro skater turned avid outdoorswoman who enjoys backpacking, camping, fly fishing, cliff diving and passing on what she learns along the way. In her backpacking blog, Mandy shares video trail reviews and trip planning guides. Follow her adventures at



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