Green Instant Tea by Cusa Tea & Coffee



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Green Tea has a light and refreshing flavor without the bitterness typically associated with green tea. Enjoy it hot or iced. Made with 100% Organic Green Tea, it contains no sugar, additives, fillers or preservatives. We do the brewing for you, so you can never over-steep this tea - you will get a consistent, full-flavor cup every time.

Instructions: Open a tea stick and then pour it into an empty cup. Add 12-14oz warm or hot water and watch your tea dissolve with the motion of water - no stirring required! You can also mix directly with cold or iced water - stir or shake in a bottle for 20-45 seconds to combine.


Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

  • 10 Servings per Box

Single serving:  65mg caffeine, 360mg polyphenols

Weight: 0.4oz (net weight), 0.04oz (packet)

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