Tube Steak™ Tent Stake 4-pack by Big Sky International

Size: 6"


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Jackson, WY | Est. 

Is it a stake or a steak? 

The Tube Steak™ Tent Peg is brightly colored and has reflective cord to make it easy to find. Its excellent holding power to weight ratio makes it great for areas with hard ground. Made with high strength aircraft aluminum alloy, it is strong enough to pound through a 2x4 piece of wood! (Though not recommended...)


  • "No-Lose-EmTM color" and reflective cord = hard to lose
  • Excellent holding power to weight ratio
  • Good for areas with hard ground

Sold as a set of 4.



      4-pack of 6" stakes:

      • Dimensions: 6"L x 0.31" Dia | 15cm x 8mm Dia

      Weight: 0.31oz (per stake)

      4-pack of 7.25"  stakes:

      • Dimensions: 7.25"L x 0.33" Dia | 18cm L x 8.5mm Dia

      Weight: 0.43oz (per stake)

      4-pack of 8"  stakes:

      • Dimensions: 8"L x 0.33" Dia | 20cm L x 8.5mm Dia

      Weight: 0.48oz (per stake)

      4-pack of 9"  stakes:

      • Dimensions: 9"L x 0.33" Dia | 23cm L x 8.5mm Dia

      Weight: 0.54oz (per stake)

      Materials: High strength aircraft aluminum alloy

      Made in China

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