Backwoods Bidet by Pika Outdoors



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Looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean your tushy while in the backcountry? Well, look no further! The Backwoods Bidet sprays a powerful stream of water at your mud hole, leaving you with a nice clean backside without the use of toilet paper.

The Backwoods Bidet threads onto standard 28mm water bottles, like Smartwater, LIFEWTR, Essentia, and many other popular brands. There are no o-rings or gaskets to get damaged or lost, leaving you high and dry in the backcountry. Weighing in at only 10g, this bidet is the lightest and most discrete portable bidet out there.



  • Dimensions: 2" x 1.18" x 0.56"
  • Fits on standard 28mm thread water bottles

Weight: 0.35oz | 10g

Material: Polypropylene derivative

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