Alpha Direct Beanie by Red Spruce Gear

Color: Black 90gsm
Size: Medium


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Marietta, GA | Est. 2023

Unbelievable Warmth, Unmatched Lightweight Performance!

Experience warmth like never before with Red Spruce Gear's Alpha Direct Beanie - a true marvel of lightweight insulation. At a mere 12-22 grams, this Alpha Direct beanie defies its weight, offering exceptional comfort across three seasons. Versatile in every sense, this beanie is your ideal companion whether you're donning it under a helmet, lounging around the campfire, or engaging in high-intensity activities like cold-weather running, climbing, biking, or hiking.

Alpha Direct fabric is designed to adapt to your activity level. It's hydrophobic, preventing moisture absorption even during a workout. Wear it directly against your skin or layer it up. All Polartec® fabrics are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Double layer band adds warmth & coziness around the ears!

Choose the Alpha Direct Beanie by Red Spruce Gear if you want:

  • A traditional/standard style beanie
  • A double layer band for added warmth & comfort around the ears

    ***Discounts are not available on Red Spruce Gear products.




    • Medium: 21" circumference
    • Large: 23" circumference


    • 60gsm: 0.4oz | 11-12g
    • 90gsm: 0.5oz | 14-15g
    • 120gsm: 0.8oz | 22g

    Materials: 100% polyester Polartec Alpha Direct 60gsm, 90gsm or 120gsm

    Made in the USA


    Care instructions: Your Polartec Alpha Direct fabric deserves the best care. Please note that it's not recommended for off-trail hiking or bushwhacking. To keep your Red Spruce Gear garment in peak condition, always wash it in cold water inside a mesh laundry bag, and opt for air drying.

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