Top New Outdoor Brands of 2020

Lloyd Vogel

While many elements of life were put on hold during 2020, this year saw the launch of a bunch of awesome small outdoor brands! Some of these brands are already available on Garage Grown Gear, while others will be joining the GGG family in 2021. Other great new brands you want the world to know about? Let us know in the comment section!


Senchi Designs

Out of his Portland, OR home Ryan Windus makes incredibly lightweight and comfortable hoodies. Using a variety of types of Polartec® Alpha®, some Senchi Design hoodies weigh as little as 3.1oz. With a ton of fun colors, their semi-transparent and breathable layers are hard to catch in stock. Sign up for their notify list (or follow on IG) to catch a future drop!

Check out Senchi Designs



Based in the Bronx, Livio and Jen are the folks behind allmansright. Launched this past summer, they are currently making packs and accessory items. All with immaculate precision! BIPOC owned and operated.

"Allmansright is the translation of the Swedish law, Allemansrätten. It is the general public's right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes, and rivers for recreation and exercise. We believe in Mother Earth’s virtues belonging to everyone and our commitment to that will go beyond providing the gear for receiving them."

Check out allmansright


Alpha Pak

Dogs need good gear too! Exceptionally functional and colorfully fun, Alpha Pak makes a wide range of dog gear. From packs and harnesses to dog beds and leashes, we'd expect you to hear a TON from Alpha Pak in 2021!

Check out Alpha Pak



Westbound Gear or WEBO Gear, is small project run by Eliza and her partner Shannon. Based in the Bay Area, they are focused on making affordable and incredible outdoor accessories. Their fanny packs are pretty awesome! BIPOC owned and operated.

Check out WEBO Gear



Over in the UK, Russell Hepton makes waterproof notebooks for long distance hikers! With different formats and styles to choose from, they are perfect for notes, doodles, or anything inbetween.

Check out thrunotes


Dandee Packs

Dan makes packs in his basement and he's pretty dang good at it! While he's been selling 1 off packs on this IG for the last several months, he just recently launched a website. He's got some stock accessory items available now, and is now taking orders for custom packs!

Check out Dandee Packs 


Range Bar 

Loaded with 700 calories, Range Meal Bars actually taste good. Dense but not chalky, they are a bar to looking forward to instead of dread. Started by Zach Hein, these bars evolved out of a need for a calorie dense bar that wasn't dry and overpriced.

Check out Range Meal Bar

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