Our 8 Favorite Sample Products of 2018

Lloyd Vogel

Each year we get sent DOZENS of sample products from a wide range of different companies. Some of them are clever and innovative, while some of the products are downright bizarre. This top 8 list will pay homage to 8 of the most unique samples we received in 2018! Enjoy!


Polar Shorts

You won't find a fuzzier and more comfortable pair of shorts. Polar shorts are "warm shorts for cool weather "and if you are someone who likes to wear shorts during the shoulder seasons (they are rated for 40-70 degrees), these could be yours for $60. Check out Polar Shorts in Khaki and Leopard Print!


Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Mid RSM

They've got the comfort of a trail runner with the ankle support and structure of a boot!  Wide toe box, zero drop design, waterproof, and built to be compatible with gaiters, the Lone Peak 4.0 Mid are a wildly comfortable and functional hybrid. Expensive for a shoe but reasonably priced as a boot, the Lone Peak 4.0 Mids could be yours for $160.


Cold Case Gear Insulating Pouch

Few things are as subtly piddly and frustrating as electronics that won't work due to the cold. The winter weather kills your battery life, and it reduces your phones/cameras to useless dead weight. No more! Cold Case Gear has made a series of insulating products, and will be launching on Kickstarter here shortly!


Exotogg Inflatable Vest

While the Exotogg won't win any fashion shows, this 9oz inflatable vest is shockingly warm. It compresses down to nothing, fills up in just a couple breaths, and could even double as sleeping pad if you're in a pinch! Klymit made something similar a while back, but as far as we can tell, it's long off the market. The Exotogg could be yours for $125. Check out the Exotogg. 


BioLite Headlamp

These rechargeable bad boys funded this year on Kickstarter, and readily accomplish their goal of producing light, staying snug against your forehead, and being easily rechargeable. You'll forget you've got it on your head. Soon to be purchasable on GGG, they are available through BioLite for $49.99.


Veital Replacement Waterbottle Lid

Broken Nalgene lid? This Milwaukee based startup has you covered! Sure it is a lid, but its also a bottle opener, a camera mount, and a mini hammer. Made from anodized aluminum, Veital has plans to build lids that include a: cooking stove top & stand, fire starter kit, internal bottle storage, bottle lantern & camp light, and water heater. Yours for $29.99.


Equinox Hoodie Sun Shawl

Want to stay covered but don't want to roast? The Equinox Hoodie is about as light and ventilating as possible. Loose fitting and lacking fabric on the sides, armpits, and underarms, this lightweight layer keeps you protected from the sun with as little material as possible. $55 from Eclipse Sun Products.


Kogalla RA Single Pack

Holy moly is this thing bright. Designed for runners, the Kogalla RA is pretty incredible for illuminating roads, trails, basements, garages, and any other dark spot you need lit up! Yours for $159.99.




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