The Cache: Zpacks, Zero-G Collection, Wylder Closes, and Flowfold turns to PPE

Lloyd Vogel

This week on The Cache: The Zero-G Collection by Six Moon Designs, Zpacks and COVID-19, Wylder Goods, and Flowfold turn to PPE!


Zero-G Collection by Six Moon Designs!

Six Moon Design's DCF collection is back! With 4 shelters in total, it includes 2 returning classics (the Haven ZG and the Deschutes ZG) as well as two new shelters (the Wild Owyhee and the Wild Oasis). The wild Owyhee and Wild Oasis are targeted at hikers looking to save the most amount of weight, while still having full bug protection when camping. 

Check them out!



Zpacks -  COVID-19 Update

Yesterday morning Zpacks announced that they will "remain open for business under Florida Executive Orders 20-91, 20-89 and Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 07-20 and continue to manufacture products and ship orders within the listed lead times on the site."

The reaction so far has been mixed. With very vocal supporters on one side praising their effort to keep people safely employed, there are equally adamant voices on the opposite side vilifying them for remaining open. Over 500 comments have been made on Reddit, and it has been a pretty fascinating conversation so far. Comments have been made from higher-profile long-distance hikers, current and former employees, and just about anyone with a keyboard.

Zpacks original post

Reddit discussion



Wylder Goods - Closed

Closed as of April 3rd, Wylder Goods was an online store dedicated to creating "a unique gear-buying experience for adventurous women who love the outdoors." Started in 2016, we sold several of the same brands, and certainly enjoyed following their journey. Like many small brands that close, it sounds like founders Jainee Dial and Lindsey Davis just got burnt out by the grind of being a startup. 

While many people assume small businesses close due to financial issues, from our experience, it's more a case of unmet expectations. It's not that they can't afford to keep going, it's that the immense amount of time required to keep things going no longer seems worth the sacrifice or certain to pay off big. Great concept! Thanks for being a voice and platform for outdoorsy women.

Read Wylder Good's parting words



Flowfold Turns to PPE

As the US scrambles to come up with enough ventilators and protective equipment, there are thousands of individuals and businesses that are answering the call to action. While there are a handful of companies that we work with that are doing so (Ultralitesacks, High Tail Designs, Red Paw Packs...), one that is leading the charge is Flowfold.

See what Flowfold is up to!

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Bruce Neuschwander

Bruce Neuschwander

You had me fooled. I saved that email without clicking on it to respond to it and unsubscribe. Good thing I didn’t and I am still with you folks.
Columbia took the mountain out of Mountain Hardware. I still use products they made 20 years ago or so.
My first pack was a Himalayan I bought in 1969 when I was 17 for a Scout trip into Yosemite. That was a garage outfit from Monterey, or so I was told at the time. I used it regularly for 50 years. It is still in great shape. I did beef up the magnesium lugs with JB Weld several times. I switched to a Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor for the Sierra High Route last year. The internal frame broke and the bottom was holy as cheesecloth after only 120 miles. I had to bail on the trip because the frame poked through the bottom of the pack and rubbed my tailbone. Uncomfortable and unsafe. I now have the Hyperlite. We will see…
I bought the CuloClean. That will be a game changer and could be sold at every park and permit station. It eliminates the scourge of TP. They need to stress that cleaning should occur 200’ from any water source. I have picked up the Devils Grip twice (in 2009 and 2016)(2nd time not so bad…partial immunity…not fun), or epidemic pleurodynia from fecal matter in lake water, despite using a Sawyer filter.
all the best and stay strong.
Bruce Neuschwander
Stay strong.

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