The best ultralight packraft brands for flatwater paddling

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Supai Ultralight Packraft Best Packraft Companies

There are few things that beat sitting beside a high alpine lake after a full day of hiking. But here’s one of them: paddling on that alpine lake.

The fledgling sport of packrafting is perhaps best known for feats involving whitewater. But there is also a quietly emerging contingent of flatwater packrafters. And, there are several ultralight brands that cater specifically to this side of the sport. Today, we bring you the best packraft brands for flatwater.

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Supai Adventure Gear Canyon Flatwater 2

Built for canyoneering and high alpine lakes

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Price: $299


Supai Ultralight Packrafts Best Packrafts for Flatwater

When Aaron Locander started exploring the Grand Canyon, he needed a boat light enough to carry, but durable enough to cross the Colorado River. His trial and error lead to creating Supai Adventure Gear, with his wife Shannon Flowers.

The Supai packraft, called the Canyon Flatwater 2, condenses down to the size of a Nalgene water bottle and weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it perfect for hauling in on camping and hiking trips as a way to relax and enjoy high mountain lakes, or to use for exiting canyoneering adventures.

Also be sure to check out Supai's ultralight 4-piece paddle that weighs a mere 12 ounces.

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Alpacka Scout and Ghost Scout

Best for long-distance trekking, mellow river crossings, and lightweight travel

Weight: 3 lbs , 9 ounces for the Scout and 1.5 pounds for the Ghost Scout

Price: $545 for the Scout and $595 for the Ghost Scout

Alpacka Ghost Scout

Alpacka Raft is best known for its line of whitewater packrafts. But among it growing quiver of options there are two flatwater standouts: the Scout and the Ghost Scout.

The Scout is a stripped down version of Alpacka's whitewater boats. It's durable and versatile. It works well for long-distance trekking, mellow river crossings, canyoneering, spelunking, lake fishing, and lightweight travel. It also is a good beginner boat for teaching children to packraft, as it has smaller side tubes.

New this year, the Ghost Scout mirrors the design of the Scout, but at 1.5 pounds weighs half as much. The downside? It's a fragile boat that needs to be handled gently. It also comes at a high price. Alpacka recommends keeping the Ghost Scout in your fishing vest just in case.


Flyweight CrossFlyte

Best for multi-purpose adventurers

Weight: 2 pounds 13 ounces

Price: $299

CrossFlyte Best Packrafts for Flatwater

“Less weight, more adventure” is FlyWeight’s motto. The CrossFlyte packraft is perfect for touring alpine lakes and crossing calm rivers. It’s also durable enough to handle Class II whitewater. FlyWeight Designs started to develop quality, ultralight products for backpackers and fishermen. Its packraft the CrossFlyte features an innovative “skin” over tube design that allows users to switch out skins based on use.


NRS Packraft

Best for roadside paddles, short approaches and splashy water

Weight: 7.4 pounds

Price: $575

NRS Packraft Best Packrafting Brands for Flatwater

Compared to some of the other packrafts on this list, the NRS is heavy at more than 7 pounds, but it also is better able to handle splashy class II (maybe class III) water. Plus, once it's inflated, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out. The boat is almost seven-feet long and three-feet wide. Yet it still folds down to fit in a backpack, if you don’t mind hauling the weight. The ultra-durable fabric makes this craft ideal for fishing your favorite mountain lake.


Klymit LiteWater Dinghy

Most economical choice and great for comfort seekers

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Price: $199

Klymit Litewater Dinghy Best Packrafts for Flatwater

Even a day on flatwater can be exhausting and leave you sore. The LiteWater Dinghy from Klymit weighs only 35 ounces and features ergonomic seating for a comfortable and well-supported paddling position. Alpine lakes and rivers are now fair game for your adventures. You can stay dry canyoneering or camp on an untouched island. The boat design moves the center of buoyance directly under the paddler.


Litewater Dinghy by Klymit


Advanced Elements PackLite

Best for taking to a tropical beach

Weight: 4 pounds

Price: $299

Advanced Elements Packlite Best Packrafts for Flatwater

Advanced Elements started as a way to combine the portability of inflatables with the durability of rigid component kayaks. And just as the name implies, the Advanced Elements PackLite Inflatable Kayak is shaped more like a kayak. This improves tracking but reduces stability.

The PackLite weighs more than the other packrafts described above (excerpt for the NRS). Also it is best inflated with a foot pump (versus an inflation bag) so that adds extra weight and bulk as well. People tend to select the PackLite for lakes, bays, and inland waters. It fits in luggage and works great for playing in calm waters.



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I am familiar with the Advanced Elements Packlite.

How durable in material are the other more expensive packrafts you have listed here? I am using the Packlite as a baseline for durability.

And are the other packrafts at least 2psi rated also?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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