Stick Pic Gear Review – When 0.38 Ounces Gets the Hero Shot!

Maria Weidich

Stick Pic Gear Review

I love backpacking gear almost as much as I love backpacking itself.  I relentlessly scrutinize pack weight down to the very last ounce, creating an ongoing evolution of what’s in my backpack.  I’m talking breaking the ends off toothbrushes, cutting tags off clothing, eliminating unnecessary food packaging, etc. 

Needless to say, when you’re striving for the most efficient, versatile, and lightweight gear, adding equipment seems counter intuitive.  Yet, when you come across an invaluable gizmo that doesn’t weigh you down, it must be shared. I hereby give you Stick Pic.  

Stick Pic Gear Review

For a mere $17, you can finally get decent photos and videos of yourself when there’s no one around to take the shot.  Perhaps even cooler, you’ll never be left out of a group photo again.  

The Stick Pic is like the selfie stick’s leaner, no-nonsense little brother.  Its unfussy design is effective and easy to use.  About the size of a Flathead cherry, it mounts on the end of a trekking pole and is equipped with a standard thread that attaches to your camera tripod socket.  If your cell phone is your sole camera while in the backcountry, as it often is these days, there is a cell phone tripod adapter for an additional $8.  

Rest assured, weight weenies, it will not bog you down. The widget weighs in at a mere 10.8 grams (0.38 ounces), about the same as 3 ½ unsalted Saltine crackers.

The Stick Pic was invented by Rod Java, as self-described “ordinary guy from California who enjoys backpacking.” 

Stick Pic Gear Review

While it takes a little practice to get the perfectly framed shot, the payoff is worth it.  No more awkward-angled selfies showing zero evidence of beautiful backdrops and only someone’s too-close face and their outstretched arm.  Gone are the days of balancing your camera on a few precariously placed rocks then bolting into the picture at the last second. 

Instead, ensure everyone gets in the shot, experiment with different angles, and get more creative and professional looking photographs in the backcountry. 

The Stick Pick is not (yet) available on the Garage Grown Gear store and can instead be purchased directly from the brand.

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Jim Bouchard

Jim Bouchard

Perfect. Will no longer have half a face, part of a hand, or running into a frame that is set on a timer.

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