Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants review, from Alps to Utah crags

Annika Sohlstrom

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

(Editor's note: When Garage Grown Gear customer Annika Sohlstrom asked if she could send us a review of her Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants after a full year of putting them to the test, we enthusiastically replied yes. You can read our review of the Washakie pants here and Roscoe’s startup story here, but really, who better to say it than a bona fide customer. Thanks Annika for sharing your feedback and gorgeous photos!)

My adventures with my Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants started in Wyoming. There, at a coffee shop, I opened a package from Montana with this newest addition to my wardrobe.

Europe-bound, I packed away my new Washakie pants, tag still on, and waited to pull them out just before my first day hike in Chamonix. I immediately appreciated their breathability and the ease of regulating my temperature. Too hot. Roll them up. Too cold. Roll them down.

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

I didn’t know how I felt about zip pockets. None of my current pants have zippers, so I was skeptical at first. But when I threw my last three euro pieces into one, then zipped it up and headed for a crowded Paris train station, I was sold. Sorry pickpockets!

On to the Southern French Alps, where’d I’d be climbing and doing construction on a ski chalet. Double knees – yes please! Not only do the reinforced knees on the Washakie protect during scrappy climbing moves, they also work great for the down and dirty maintenance projects.

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

Stateside again, the Washakie pant kept its place as a fav in my wardrobe. From cracks in Indian Creek to approaches and pitches in the Tetons, the Washakie became my only pant, even during days on end without showering.

OK, so I loved them for climbing. And for traveling. What about fishing? On the most remote river in Montana, my Washakie pants performed yet again. With their quick drying fabric, fishing 12 hours a day on a rainy June day was no problem with these pants.

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Review

Bottom line: When I bought my Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants, I considered them a new addition to my wardrobe. Now, after a year of wearing them in the Alps, the desert and throughout the West, I think of them as the best pants ever.


Constructive feedback for Roscoe Outdoor

  • Stains - evidence of cheap French wine and skillet cooking grease are visible on my pants. But let’s not blame the pants for that one.
  • Belt loops - wish I could wear my favorite belt with these trousers!



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