Lloyd's Gift Guide: What I use, what I love!

Lloyd Vogel

I love the holidays. They mean relaxation, intentional time with friends/family, and huge meals. They also mean an excuse to treat yourself to some new gear!

As the person primarily responsible for adding new brands to Garage Grown Gear, my biased self thinks everything we carry is A+! That doesn't mean that I don't have my favorites!

Thru. Pack "The Hiker" Fanny Pack

If you've ever met me, you know I love fanny packs. The Thru. Hiker Fanny Pack is exceptionally helpful for organization, and it makes my essentials easily accessible at all times. The comfy strap is GENIUS, and it makes rocking a fanny pack comfortable as well as stylish. Still hating on fanny packs? Try it out and your skepticism will vanish! (This exact thing happened to our founder Amy Hatch)

The Hiker Fanny Pack by Thru.


Armadillo LT Gaiters

Gaiters are an often overlooked piece of gear that I learned to LOVE while backpacking in the Brooks Range. The Armadillo LT Gaiters are simply my favorite. The gaiters are strong but stretchy, and instead of Velcro, these gaiters have a ZIPPER! No more struggling to create a perfectly aligned Velcro seal, the zipper allows for simple on/off with minimal thought and effort. 

Armadillo LT™ Gaiter by Hillsound


Superior Wilderness Designs 
Superior 35 Pack

Superior Wilderness Designs Superior 25 is my go to pack! It's light, tough, and customized perfectly for me. It's ideal for pretty much any trip – from weeks in the Tetons to Frisbee tournaments in Wisconsin!

Superior 35 by Superior Wilderness Designs


Inertia X Frame Sleeping Pad

As someone who can literally sleep anywhere (and frequently takes naps on the hardwood floors around my house), I don't need an incredibly comfortable sleeping pad. I don't, however, want to be cold. Klymit's Inertia X Frame Sleeping Pad is exceptionally light and minimalist, and does everything that I need it to do: keep me warm and off the ground. It's not glamorous, but it sure does pack down small!

Inertia X Frame Sleeping Pad by Klymit


Give'r Classic Gloves 

When I first started at Garage Grown Gear, Bubba from Give'r sent me a pair of their Classic Gloves (Bubba is quite literally the kindest human imaginable). I immediately discovered why people loved them so much. They are warm, come custom branded with your initials, and honestly just look super badass. I'm convinced everyone deserves to treat themselves to a pair of these gloves. (Yes, the above picture was taken while writing this article).

Classic Hand-Branded Leather Gloves by Give'r


Outpost Titanium Three Piece Pan Set 

Yes, titanium is expensive, but it's also mindbogglingly light! The Three Piece Pan Set from Outpost Titanium is pretty much everything I'd ever need for a 1-2 person trip. While I was hiking the Teton Crest Trail this past summer, a marmot nibbled the rubber off 2 of their handles. While I didn't have any particular disdain for marmots prior to this trip, this experience certainly helped me formulate some exceptionally negative perspectives. Thumbs down for marmots, thumbs up for Outpost Titanium.

Three Piece Portable Titanium Pan Set by Outpost Titanium


Cloudline Socks

While I love using gear while backpacking, there are some items on Garage Grown Gear that I get to use everyday. Cloudline socks are one of those items. I've got a dozen pairs, and they are about the only socks these feet will wear! I wore Darn Tough socks for a long time, but when I got a free pair from Joe and Austin (the dudes who run Cloudline Apparel) at Outdoor Retailer, I became hooked. They do everything socks should do, and they make your feet bright and colorful in the process!

Cushion Switchback Hiking Sock - by Cloudline Apparel


Kate's Real Food Tram Bars

Since discovering Tram Bars, I've started keeping a box in my car. I have one pretty much every morning, and most days I also give one out to the elderly homeless gentleman who hangs out near the on ramp by the Garage Grown Gear PO Box. I like them, and he seems to as well. 

Tram Energy Bars by Kate's Real Food


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