Kickstarter Roundup: Stakes, Undies, Pakayak, and the Owly Pack!

Lloyd Vogel

This week on Kickstarter? Stakes, Undies, Pakayak, and the Owly Pack!


Titan Ground Anchor

While it certainly doesn't look like your average tent stake, it is advertised to hold in just about any conditions or ground types. I don't claim physics as a strong suit, but it would seem pretty spectacular if such a shallow sake could infact perform as shown. Granted I've rarely had a situation where such performance is merited (my straight forward Lawson stakes have always done the trick), I'd need to be convinced by my own testing. Certainly a curious design!

This invention came from the frustration of poor quality/designed tent pegs. I needed something stronger than bendy pegs, easy to set so that can be pushed in with your foot thus eliminating the need for a heavy mallet to drive an overly long spike in the ground. It had to out hold any conventional peg in all ground types, and is primarily designed for the guy ropes which take most of the force in windy conditions.

Check out the Titan Ground Anchor on Kickstarter



Traü: Men's Athletic Underwear

About 2 years ago, we were sent an original prototype of the Traü underwear. While admittedly they look much different than the hand-sewn sample we originally received, the design elements are the same. High-performance men's underwear that keeps things snug, secure, and comfortable regardless of the physical activity. I liked the original design and will be excited to try this version!

Time to get rid of your nylon / polyester workout underwear and take your game to the next level!  At Traü we make the most comfortable, most functional workout underwear on the planet from eco-friendly, earth conscious materials like soy and bamboo because they're oh so comfortable, better for the planet and perfect for your workout.

Check out Traü underwear on Kickstarter



Pakayak Bluefin 142. The ultimate portable kayak.

Familiar with Pakayak's first Kickstarter? Well, this one is essentially the same, but their new boats now have an extra 3.5inches of legroom. 

Introducing the Bluefin 142 - with 3 ½ more inches of legroom in the cockpit. The new model is 2 inches longer and yet, like magic, it packs down to the same size, 3 ½ feet!

What we care about most is bringing the joy of kayaking to more people. We think kayaking is one of the best things you can do in your free time. Just inches off shore equals instant vacation. Yet, it can be difficult to have a kayak in some of the places that we live. Often getting it to and from the water requires a pickup truck, a roof rack and a buddy. And, for all of you who live in the city, it’s next to impossible. Our nesting kayak solves these issues without sacrificing performance. 

Check out the Bluefin 142 on Kickstarter



Owly Packs: Backpacks that will take you Beyond Adventure

At its best, Kickstarter is a place for sharing wonderfully innovative new ideas. At its worst, Kickstarter is a place for bad ideas to build traction. Nuff said.

The Owly Packs tent-hammock will fit perfectly with the bottom compartment of your backpack!

This product was created with the goal of allowing adventurers to surpass their traveling limits. In perfect harmony with nature, it will allow you to disconnect and escape to the stars!

  • Waterproof shelter
  • Mosquito nets
  • Easy color system guide, providing an easy and hassle-free assembly experience
  • Three easy-access storage pockets
  • Two large doors for a panoramic view of the outdoors
  • Equipped with a simple mobile-pole system that creates a straight & comfortable laying down position 

This tent-hammock has enough space for 2, and your backpack of course!  

Check out the Owly Pack on Kickstarter

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Titan Ground Anchor seems will work great with hammock stands like Tensa or similar.

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