Kickstarter Roundup: Self healing tents, backcountry bidets, bikepacks, coin knives, and crossover packs

Lloyd Vogel

While the design is reminiscent of a cheap Ozark Trail Tent, the Nano Cure is "self-healing." It almost looks like magic, and this specialized ripstop nylon can reseal most small holes or tears. Sure that's pretty amazing, but at 8lbs, it's also pretty beefy. They also have hammocks and backpacks that use a similar NCT (self-healing) material. 

NCT is a lightweight, water resistant nylon ripstop with resealing and repairing capabilities. Naturally, nylon rip stop is extremely durable, but when combined with the special double sided coating and the heat of your fingers, small holes and punctures can be repaired. The reinforced fibers of the rip stop also create additional reinforcement and support around the puncture, which also aids in the repair function. The healing effect works very well on small punctures or lacerations which means we certainly don't recommend testing your new tent with big scissors or knives.

Learn More - Visit the Nano Cure Tent Kickstarter Project


If you've been out for more than a couple days at a time, you know how dirty certain areas can become. While leaves, rocks, sticks, and moss do a pretty good job in areas where TP is not allowed/not advisable, a portable bidet is certainly an intriguing thought! Sure you'd have to get the right angle on things, but a lack of dingleberries doesn't sound too bad. It also only costs $2.

We all know that many people use a bidet at home for their intimate hygiene. However, what about when not being in the house? The use of a small hose by the WC is quite common in many countries but when this is not the case, a portable bidet could come into the picture. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been until now an actual discreet, portable bidet that can fit in a pocket. This is why we’ve been working these last months on designing CuloClean, the most discreet portable bidet in the market.

Learn More - Visit the CuloClean Kickstarter Project


As bikepacking becomes more and more popular, expect to see a continual stream of ever-evolving bikepacking gear on Kickstarter. Light, waterproof, and easy to set up, the AeroPack looks like another great product from a previously successful Kickstarted brand.

All three products in the AeroPack lineup are designed to sit directly behind the rider, nearly completely sheltered from the wind. This allows the AeroPack to deliver aerodynamic performance that gives nothing away to traditional seatpacks, and gives you a significant advantage over traditional side-mounted panniers.   

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Both of these packs qualify as "crossover packs." Created to be good for the urban and the outdoorsy, they certainly have some interesting features. While the names of the packs don't roll off the tongue (MQD24 and CTB40), these packs seem most ideal for travelers who might feel the desire for an occasional day hike.

MQD24 is not your father's top loader. Our modern take on the classic alpine bag brings faster access and expandability, EASY GRAB front handle, an ergonomic harness and contoured shoulder straps, burly 420D HT Nylon 6,6 fabric, side zipper access and a host of other features. More than a simple sack MQD24 is a fully-featured companion for your daily active pursuits.

 Learn More - Visit the EVERGOODS Kickstarter Project


Small, effective, and versatile, these little EDC knives seem like they could handle most cutting needs for the average human. Like a little controversy with your Kickstarter campaign? Head to their project's comments section to catch up on the lively debate surrounding the proposed adding of a bottle opener. While a seemingly small detail, its certainly cool to see project creators take backer's opinions into consideration.

Eclipse is one of the most unique EDC knives out there. What starts as a coin shape quickly morphs into a small but grippy knife that helps you tackle all those daily tasks. It also has a keychain loop thats great for paracord, keys, or lanyards. It comes in two sweet color options, with more to unlock via stretch goals.

Learn More - Visit the Eclipse Kickstarter Project


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