Kickstarter Roundup - Hammock tarp, tiny knife, UL yoga, and the LOXI

Lloyd Vogel

This week we are checking out a range of different outdoorsy products. As the holidays approach, there will only be more and more! Check out projects from the Teton Hammock Company, Banale, Overade, and Bomber and Company!


The Summit-A Backcountry Hammock Tarp

All the THC Summit tarps are designed using a CAD (computer-aided drafting and design) program for the most bomb-proof design available. This allows us to ensure doors close tightly, keeping out the driving rain, snow, and wind. The edges are designed with catenary curves which are integral in having your tarp pitch as taut as possible.

Check out The Summit Tarp on Kickstarter!


We've all experienced the phenomenon of biking somewhere and not wanting to bring your helmet, coat, or other miscellaneous stuff with you upon arrival. The LOXI allows you to confidently leave your stuff securely locked (the bag is made with cut-resistant material) and dry while you venture away from your bike.  This roll top bag attaches simply to your bike and acts as a stable and easy to use trunk bag while riding. 

We are Overade, a team of bike enthusiasts who makes urban commuting safe and easy. This is why we are introducing LOXI, the first foldablesecure and waterproof trunk bag that will revolutionize the way you ride. LOXI is the perfect mix between a bike pannier and a lock. This clever combination of two useful bike accessories makes our bag unique.

Check out the LOXI on Kickstarter!


I'm not a bushcrafter or a survivalist, and I find myself using a knife very infrequently while backpacking. Typically I need a blade for chopping ingredients, cutting cordage, or on occasion stripping the bark off wet wood. All these things could be accomplished with a small blade like the B-2 Blitz.  Yup, Kickstarter has an abundance of little lightweight knives, but this one looks relatively straightforward and gimmickless. 

Our new BLITZ design is meant to be a chubby style knife. It's wider than a normal proportion of a standard knife. This allows the BLITZ pocket knife to be more durable and stronger in situations that require the use of force. It also gives a stronger grip to the user's hold. At only 3.7 inches, the B-2 BLITZ is small enough to conceal in any coin pocket. Its the first of its kind and we are absolutely sure you will love it!

Check out the B-2 Blitz on Kickstarter!


Banale Mat: the most portable and compact yoga Mat

Ultralight Yoga! Impressively compact, this easily transportable mat is just 2mm thick (or thin). It's grippy, has a convenient carrying case (with a pocket), and is made from sustainable materials. 

With sustainability in mind, we designed a high-performance mat that will exceed the expectations of the most expert and demanding yogi, while remaining light and extremely portable. The natural rubber that composes the mat is an amazing, sustainable material that guarantees superior grip, thanks to its stickiness and the advanced anti-slip finish, and is super easy to clean with the dedicated essential oil Banale Spray.

Forget the hassle of bulky yoga mats! The Banale Mat is the first all-natural travel yoga mat that shrinks to the size of a 64oz water bottle. Designed in Italy with high-quality, sustainable materials to support your practice wherever life takes you! 

Check out the Banale Yoga Mat on Indiegogo!


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