Kickstarter Roundup: Fire Tools, UL Wallets, Cycling Skirts, and Portable Fire Pits

Lloyd Vogel


Bushcraft tool? Probably. Neat idea? Possibly. The Kindlerfire (you guessed it) is designed to help you easily create and start fires. You can use it to create tinder, and then (with the help of flint steel striker) get things blazing. 

Extremely efficient, otherwise unattainable, gathering of “Stage 1” material for use in creating a primitive fire. 

Breaks down “firewood,” with minimal effort, into a fibrous material. The fibrous material then dries rapidly when exposed to a heat source, naturally promoting oxygen flow; an otherwise significant challenge faced by fire-crafters during fire starts. This “Stage 1” material is crucial to flame promotion, especially during less than favorable conditions, and without the use of inaccessible accelerants such as cotton-ball and petroleum jelly or lighter fluid.

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While there are currently around 809,234,510 wallets funding on Kickstarter, the Stealth Wallet seems to be the most intriguing. .13oz, exceptionally thin, and touted as being 15x stronger than steel, it looks like an intriguing option for those looking to scale down their wallets

Unlike other thin wallets, Stealth Wallet was made to last and was built to be practical and durable. It can carry 8 cards at a time, is RFID protected, and has a ballistic bungee loop to easily hold & slip in cash - all while being ultra thin. Best of all, Stealth Wallet stays ultra-thin even after stuffing it with cards and using it overtime.

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"Look good feel good play good" seems to be the M.O. of the Ultimate Cycling Skirts. Designed to be exceptionally functional and styling, these skirts aspire to let riders perform great and feel good about themselves in the process.

CHICLISMO°° Cycling Skirt is the cycling garment with two souls. An innovative piece of sportswear designed specifically for women who want to cycling sportily and elegantly at the same time. 

For your best experience, we combined technology with style. A high tech manufactured garnment for sport and performance, and beautifully designed for feeling great and cool even when you get of the bike. High tech fabric for comfortable fitting during your ride and extraordinary quality pad for long distance create the perfect mix for performance; style and original design is the perfect mix for look super and feel comfortable in every moment.

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A foldable, lightweight, and portable fire pit is a pretty brilliant idea. Weighing just 6lbs, the Folding Fire seems like a great option for locations where traditional firepits aren't available. Also, there are certainly some positive possibilities for LNT fire building. Pack it out!

Now and then, everyone enjoys some time around a campfire with friends or family. However, an open fire is now less and less allowed and it’s not always easy to bring a big and heavy fire pit. Therefore we designed Folding Fire. Folding Fire is a lightweight and foldable fire pit. She is made to be the perfect companion for all your adventures! Due to her compact size, she is easy to carry and can be set up within seconds!

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