8 Cool Outdoor T-Shirts From Small Brands

Amy Hatch

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

T-shirts aren’t just a practical garment; they’re a statement about our priorities and favorite places. They reflect the moments, people and views that make us who we are. T-shirts are the garments we hang on to even when they’re threadbare because of the memories they represent. To help you grow your quiver of cool outdoor t-shirts, here is a rundown of some of our favorites!

The Landmark Project

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

The power of place inspires all of The Landmark Project’s designs. The images evoke the nostalgia of adventure, community and iconic landscapes. Its offers shirts for several national parks as well as other beloved destinations.


Grand Teton by The Landmark Project



Territory Run Co.

The guys at Territory Run Co. run, like really run. Mountains, trails, open meadows of wildflowers … anything that inspires them to ditch the road, leave their cell phones, and just starting running. Their t-shirts illustrate the simple mantra of running free and wild, spending time close to nature, and sharing it with good friends.


Women's All Day Tee by Territory Run Co.



Cedarpass Creative

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts
Christopher Well started Cedarpass Creative to make shirts that subtly note his passion for the outdoors. Through his designs he invites us to think about the lessons nature teaches us. Cedarpass Creative shirts are USA made and super soft. 


Constellations Shirt by Cedarpass Creative



Meridian Line

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

Founder and artist Jeremy Collins’s medium is a t-shirt. Through his designs at Meridian Line, he shares his experiences of the wild and seeks to start a conversation with like-minded folks who see the art in the journey. 


Just Go Bike by The Meridian Line



Trail Map Tees

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

For those who can’t get enough of the trail, Trail Map Tees brings the trail to you. From the PCT to Trans-Zion or the AT, this company’s t-shirts keep you covered in daydreams of trips completed or big ones to come.


Men's Appalachian Trail by Trail Map Tees



Avate Apparel 

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts 

Looking for a high quality t-shirt with a cool design at a reasonable price? So were these guys. Avate Apparel is committed to creating cool outdoor t-shirts that are for climbers, by climbers, and support the climbing community. 


Arizona Hikers Guide

Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

The cactus to pine logo of Arizona Hikers Guide reflects the founders Cameron and Casi’s passion for their home state. From Flagstaff to Sedona, the couple has channeled their love for the Arizona outdoors into your new favorite t-shirt.



Cool Outdoor T-Shirts Tee Shirts

Give’r formed after Bubba Albrecht made a hat featuring the Canadian phrase give’r, which means to get after it, do your best and be in the moment. People regularly stopped Albrecht to ask where he got the hat, and after dozens of requests, he decided to go into business. Give’r has since expanded to include a line of shirts and leather gloves.


Bamboo Ski Long Sleeve Shirt by Give'r



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