2 Truths and a Lie (GGG Brand Edition)

Lloyd Vogel

If you aren't familiar with the game 2 truths and a lie, the premise is fairly simple. Below are 3 "facts" about some of the small brands that we work with at GGG. 2 are true and 1 is a lie! Can you identify the lie? Answers are at the bottom! Good luck!


Hyperlite Mountain Gear:

1. All HMG products are manufactured in a textile mill in Biddeford, Maine.

2. Prior to founding HMG, Mike St. Pierre worked as a chef at a Michelin Star restaurant in New York City.

3. Hyperlite Mountain Gear started off making DCF kites. The shape of their logo is an homage to their original line of ultralight kites.


Purple Rain Adventure Skirts:

1. The brand was named in honor of founder Mandy Bland's favorite musician, Prince.

2.  All skirts are made in the great state of Oregon!

3. Mandy thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2012.


Enlightened Equipment:

1. It's based in the rolling bluffs of Winona, Minnesota.

2. EE's lightest quilt weighs just 9.21 ounces.

3. EE is owned by a parent company that specializes in weighted blankets.


Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear:

1. It was founded by friends and engineers Austin Gongos and Nathan Ackerman in 2018.

2. It got its name after co-founder Austin accidentally stepped on a chicken during a night hike.

3. There are 864 different color combinations available for each of their packs.


Kula Cloth:

1. Before running Kula Cloth, founder Anastasia Alison worked as a railroad police officer.

2. Because of the success of the Kula Cloth pee rag, Anastasia is currently prototyping a "Pula Cloth" for taking a #2.

3. Anastasia is frequently found playing her violin during mountainous sunrises with the Musical Mountaineers.



1. Thrupack founder Paul Thomas hiked the PCT in 2015 carrying 5 fanny packs: 2 on hips, 2 over his shoulders, and 1 across his chest. 

2. Weird Al Yankovic is a proud owner of a Thrupack fanny pack. 

3. Founder Paul Thomas' trail name is Skunk Ape.


Food for the Sole:

1. The brand is run by a mother and daughter duo.

2. A handful of its meals are designed specifically for cold soaking.

3. While it started as a play on words, when their team works in the kitchen making meals, they listen exclusively to soul music.


Six Moon Designs:

1. Founder Ron Moak and his wife were one of the first couples to complete the Appalachian Trail. They did so together in 1977.

2. It's named after the six moons that rotate around the Star Wars planet of Endor.  

3. Six Moon Designs launched in 2002 with their first product the Europa Tent.


Vargo Outdoors:

1. "Vargo" is the last name of its founder Brian.

2. The first product Vargo Outdoors launched was a trowel that also functioned as a tent stake, spork, whistle, and fire starter.

3. Prior to starting Vargo Outdoors, Brian worked a software job in Seattle.


CNOC Outdoors:

1. In german Cnoc means "unpronounceable word."

2. The idea for Cnoc was born in the UK, but came to life when founder Gilad Nachmani moved to the USA in 2017. 

3. It successfully crowdfunded a pair of made in the USA trekking poles in 2019.


The lies were...:


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