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    Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

    Mandy Bland had so much fun hiking the Appalachian Trail that she started planning a trip on the Pacific Crest Trail as soon as she returned home. On that second adventure, she wanted to try hiking in a skirt, so she made herself one.

    “A few miles in I knew I was onto something,” Bland said. “Out in the backcountry I go commando. The air flow is just divine and it makes it really easy to pee.” Also, Bland likes how easy it is to layer long underwear under a skirt.

    After Bland returned home from the PCT, she started Purple Rain Adventure Skirts. The skirts are set apart by their comfortable yoga-style waistband, large Velcro-closing pockets and stretchy but durable quick-dry material. Bland makes each skirt herself in her home in Oregon. “I love it because it’s simple,” she said.