Stick Stashers by Spuds Adventure Gear

4.200 kr


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Hillsbourgh, NJ | Est. 2021

Can you hold my poles for me?

Quick connecting magnetic pole mounts. Simply store your trekking poles on your pack in less than three seconds while you walk! Designed to give you the freedom to tackle any boulder, lemon squeezer, blow down or scramble without ever having to take your pack off.

Fits trekking poles with a 16mm shaft diameter.


  • 2 pole mounts
  • 2 pack mounts
  • 4 titanium screws

Note: Stick Stashers work best when attach to side webbing not cordage. The motion of attaching and detaching can be awkward at first, but you get the hang of it. For many poles, the section that has the 16mm (the size one needs to connect to) might be the middle or lower section of their pole. This can impede their ability to fully collapse.



Sizing: Fits trekking poles with a 16mm shaft diameter including:

  • Leki
    • Corklite
    • Black Series Carbon
    • Makalu Lite AS
    • Makalu Lite
    • Cressida
    • Khumbu Lite AS
    • Lhasa AS
    • Micro Flash Carbon
    • Cross Trail 3 Carbon
    • Cross Trail 3 Carbon Compact
    • Sherpa Lite
    • Traveller Carbon
    • Spin Shark SL
    • Legacy Lite
    • Legacy Lite AS
  • Black Diamond
    • Trail Ergo Cork – Women’s
    • Trail Pro Shock- Women’s
    • Trail – Women’s
    • Distance FLZ – Women’s
    • Trail Ergo Cork
    • Trail Pro Shock
    • Alpine FLZ
  • REI
    • Traverse
    • Flash Carbon

Weight: 1.7oz

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