Samaya2.0 Footprint by Samaya Equipment

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Samaya2.0 Footprint

The Samaya2.0 rectangular ground sheet fits perfectly with the Samaya2.0 and the Samaya ASSAUT2 8K. Made from 30D high-tenacity Nylon 6.6, it adds a protective layer to protect your tent floor from abrasion and perforation so you can use your Samaya tent whatever the terrain you decide to pitch it on.

Each side of the footprint has a specific coating: the part in direct contact with the ground is siliconized to increase abrasion resistance, while the surface in contact with the tent is covered with a PU coating which prevents the two fabrics from sliding over each other.

At just 155 grams and 0.8 liters in folded volume, this footprint lets you fully utilize the 4-season technical features of your Samaya tent. While unnecessary for mountaineering outings as the snow will not damage your tent floor, the Samaya2.0 Footprint is recommended for any trekking outings where the terrain on which you pitch your tent is uncertain.

Samaya2.0 Tent sold separately HERE.



    • Dimensions: 87"L x 43"W | 220cm x 110cm
    • Total area: 26.9 ft² | 2.5 m²
    • Packed size: 8"L x 6"W x 1"D | 20cm x 14 cm x 3cm | 0.8L

    Fabric specs:

    • Floor waterproofness: 3,000 mm

    Weight: 5oz | 155g (minimum), 6oz | 160g (packed)

    Materials: 100% Nylon 66 High Tenacity 30D Ripstop - 3,000 mm - 54 g/m²

    Made in France & China

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