Cruzers by Shamma Sandals

Size: 6
8.500 kr


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Santa Cruz, CA | Est. 2014

Cruz on the streets, cruz on the mountains, cruz on the trails

Shamma Cruzers are designed to be durable, versatile, and responsive, without any fluff. With the simple lacing design and comfortable footbed, Cruzers are for anyone and everyone. Cruz anywhere with Shamma Cruzers.

The lightweight minimal design of Cruzers make them ideal for walking, hiking, and running. These sandals are made to Cruz, and you will love every minute in them on the street, the mountains, and the trails. Cruzers are built to perform - are you?  

Shamma's proprietary UltraGrip foot bed is comfortable and perfectly suited to keep you on the sandals, no matter the conditions. Shamma's new Cruzers lacing system uses an entirely new buckle that locks the strap into place keeping adjustments secure. The Powersleeve keeps the heel strap up and in its proper position. Their custom-made webbing is durable, silky smooth, and extremely comfortable on the foot. Like all of their lacing systems, the Cruzers lacing system is fully adjustable to every foot so you can get the perfect fit. 

***Cruzers not compatible with standard Power Straps



  • Thickness (inside tread): 6mm-7mm
  • Thickness (total with tread): 6mm-7mm

Weight: ~3.2oz / sandal (size 9)

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