Our 8 Favorite New Outdoor Startups of 2018

Lloyd Vogel

New brands sprout up each and every day. This list celebrates our favorite new outdoor startups of 2018!


High Tail Designs

High Tail Designs makes wildly colorful Dyneema fanny packs, rain mitts, stuff sacks, and rain jackets! What's not to like? Exceptionally light, minimalist, functional and creative, these ultralight pieces of art are created for the those looking to cut down their base weight while revving up their style. Founded by Conor 'Dos Eggrolls' Brown after thru-hiking the CDT in 2017, we are excited to see what products they roll out next!


Food for the Sole

Food for the Sole makes some of the most delicious vegan and vegetarian food on the market. It's not just "good for a dehydrated meal" it's just GOOD (no caveats or qualifiers needed). It's flavorful, textured, and packed with delicious ingredients that keep you healthy and happy while pushing your limits. Food for the Sole is a mother-son duo out of Bend, Oregon, and they've got plenty of tasty things cooked up for 2019!


Kula Cloth

Kula Cloth makes pee rags for adventurous women. While it might not sound like the most glamorous piece of gear on the market, you won't find a company with more intentionality in their designs. The Kula Cloth is simple, effective, and greatly improves hygiene. Founded by professional badass Anastasia Allison, expect to see a lot of Kula Clothes on the trails this upcoming year. 


Whyld River

Sleeping bags for your dog? Brilliant! We like technical gear, you like technical gear, why not outfit your dog with technical gear? Launched by Rachel Bauman, Whyld River set out to create a comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag for her best friend River (hence the name of the company). After a successful Kickstarter, Whyld River Doggybags are now on the market!



As implied in the name, LiteAF makes a variety of UL products. While they started off with stuff sacks and pouches, recently they've started building 30L and 40L custom packs. Launched by Chris Millard out of Southampton, New Jersey, LiteAF is a nice addition to the cottage industry!


Hawbuck Gear

Hawbuck makes exceptionally light and minimalist DCF wallets. Started by Wes Cox, these wallets hold the essentials, don't weigh you down, and look crazy cool! Based in Chicago, Hawbuck wallets are 0.1oz of pure awesomeness. 


Livsn Designs


Livsn launched this year on Kickstarter with 2 new products: Flex Canvas Pants and Hi - Wool Fleece.  The name LIVSN comes from the Swedish word "livsnjutare," which roughly translates to "one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life." Andrew Gibbs-Dabney started Livsn to better enjoy life and the outdoors!


Cusa Tea

Premium Instant Tea?!?!? YES! Tea lovers rejoice as flavorful and smooth instant tea is brought to life by Cusa Tea. Founded by tea lover Jim Lamancusa, Cusa Tea has 6 delicious varieties and a variety pack so you can test them all.



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